the ally

chapter 1, i know what u r.

“Help, help, please someone help me” Kara screamed as she ran out of the ally in her white pajamas, but her pajamas weren’t all that white, it also had splatters of blood and some were fresh.  A strangely dressed man came over to her; he was dressed in a business suit with a candy cane colored tie, and a pair of pink flip flops.

            “Whatever is the problem?” the guy asked her as he was running up to her.

            “In the ally there’s something in there” Kara replied taking a glance at the ally -she just came out of- while pointing at it.

“Oh dear what has happened?” he asked while looking into her eyes, her eyes were a very light blue but after a while they turned red!?!? The strange guy stumbled onto his back.

            “Wha - what are you?” he asked as he crawled away slowly, being careful not to make too much noise.

            “I’m your worst nightmare” she screeched then attacked him till he suffered a painful death.


*Three days earlier*

            “Mark, you home?” Val asked as she made her way in.

            “I’m back here” mark replied back to her while getting his shirt on.
Val went to the living room to sit down.

  “Ah there you are” she said when she saw him coming in.

            “Do you want a cup of tea or something to drink?” he asked her as he went into the kitchen.

“I’ll take some tea if you’re making some, sure.” she replied smiling with here pearl white teeth as she got up to be polite. She was wearing a blue skirt, about knee high and to match a yellow button down shirt, and mark, all he was wearing was some khaki shorts and a red t-shirt.

            “So...where you going today?” he asked handing her the tea and thinking how nicely dressed she was. She put two sugar cubes in her tea.

            “Oh...I’m not going anywhere.” She said.

            “Then why are you dressed in such nice clothes?” he shot her.

            “I can’t tell you” she said then hid her face so mark couldn’t see her eyes shining and watery.

                        “Why...why can’t you tell me? You can trust me” he replied with a shaky voice, not so sure he wants to know the answer anymore.

But before he could say anything else she ran out of his house. And down the block, she ran for what seemed like a mile, unaware of being mark trailing behind her, but mark wasn’t the only one following her.

            “Val” mark yelled after her

            “Leave me alone” she said calmly, but with a weak voice as she sat down with her knees to her chest.

            “Val please, tell me what’s wrong” he said coming to a stop behind her.

“If I do we wouldn’t be able to see each other anymore” she said as she looked up at him.

            “If telling me would make you feel better then tell me” he replied kind of regretting it.

            “Alright... I’m a-a” but that’s all she could manage to say just before she started crying.

            “A what?!?! A what Val?!?!” he asked anxiously

            “A troll” she said darkly. Then her eyes went from green to red. “Run, now, go, I don’t want to hurt you, RUN” she screamed, and then she fell to the ground. Amazed and confused mark turned and ran, not expecting what would happen. Mark heard a scream then froze. He didn’t move for a few minutes until he heard a familiar voice inside his head, it was Val’s.

            “Run, don’t stop, run” she said. Mark turned around, but no one was there, so he did just what she said and ran. He ran all the way to his house and once he got there he locked his door and covered all his windows with towels.

            It was only three o’clock; mark was lying in his bed. Suddenly he got up and said to himself, “I know, I’ll go to 7-Eleven and get a coke.” While he was in 7-Eleven he couldn’t help getting the feeling that someone or something was watching him, but when he turned around no one was there.

            “Are you alright sir?” the clerk asked

            “Huh? Yeah sure... how much?” replied mark

            “How much, sir?” asked the dazed clerk.

            “Yeah, how much for the coke?” replied mark looking behind him once again.

            “Oh, um a dollar twenty five” answered the clerk strangely

            “Here you go, Thank you” mark said as he handed the clerk the money. Mark took the coke and walked home, forgetting entirely of what happened earlier that day.

            Mark awoke by a loud clatter, like silverware falling on a floor. He looked at the clock and read 3:20 am.

            “I should go check what that was” he said to himself, he walked to the kitchen. Nothing, there wasn’t any silverware on the ground.

            “Hello, anyone in here?” he said mostly to wake himself then to get a reply.

            “No one’s here” said a voice mark didn’t recognize.

            “Oh, okay” he said going back to his bed, but then stopped.

            “Wait a minute, who’s there?” he said expecting an answer this time, but nothing answered him.

            “Must be my imagination.” He said tiredly. As he walked to his bedroom to go back to sleep he looked into his bathroom and saw silverware on the floor.

            “I’ll clean that up tomorrow” he said then went to sleep.

            In the morning he stumbled out of bed and fell because he felt dizzy. He walked into his bathroom,

            “ouch!” he screamed as he looked at his foot. He had stepped on a fork. After pulling it out he went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, he felt fine after that so he decided to go on a walk. Mark got dressed in his business suit and put on his favorite candy cane colored tie with his pink flip flops. He went outside and it was cloudy but warm, he walked for a mile or so then heard a scream in the ally and saw a girl about 18 still wearing some white pajamas, but her pajamas also had splatters of blood on them.

            “Hey, girl.” mark yelled at her “what’s your name?”

            “Help, help, please help me. My names Kara and my friend is dying” she told him.

            “How, what happened?” he asked her

            “I don’t know what happened all I heard was a scream so I turned around and saw my friend on the ground a blood flowing out of her so I tried to stop the blood, but I couldn’t” Kara said while crying.

            “Alright where is she?” he asked

Mark looked into the girl’s eyes and they turned red and she transformed into a troll looking thing with black hair all over her neck so it looked like a lion’s mane.

            “Wha- what are you?” he asked as he stumbled to his back and started to crawl away.

            “I’m your worst nightmare” she replied as she attacked him, but just before he died, he looked in the ally and saw Val covered in blood and just barely alive to watch her best friend die.



to be continued...

The End

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