The Alien named Nail

This story takes place on an earth like planet called nemek and the nemekians are aliens. And heres a picture of Nail
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and the energy wave

There was a nemek named Nail (remember their aliens)  he had always been at the Nemekian gym. But then Nail accedentilly kicked the owner of the gym then Nail was kicked out. So when it started to snow, they made snow-nemekians and when Nail made his, it looked like the gym owner but the owner was right behind the snow-nemekian then Nail punched right through the snow-nemekian and right to the gym owner but since the snow-nemekian was made of hard ice he punched very HARD! And the gym owner almost had no stomach. Then Nail ran away and never came back. But the army hunted him down. But then He fired an energy wave that was so strong it disinagrated the whole freakin' tank. So then Nail grabbed his gun and threw some gunpowder right in front of them about 20 feet tall then he teleported to a mountain and pulled the trigger then when the bullet hit the gunpowder (the gunpowder in this story destoyes anything) then when the gunpowder exploded it was so big you could see it from earth (and its 500000000000 feet away from earth) then mostly all of nemek was gone.

                                                    Prieview for Chapter 2

When the only thing left of nemek was that last piece of nemek that Nail was on.

to be continued...


The End

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