Chapter 1- Ace

This was it. This was the shot that would guarantee me my place. All my work, all my training, all in preparation for this moment. I looked up to the score board. It read 90, in white and cold squared all arranged to make that figure. 10 more, a perfect shot, was all it took. I looked forward to the target. It was holographic, with the rings in different shades of blue, the middle being the lightest and the smallest of the set too. I reached to my bow. Snowflake was it's name. I made my arrow with the dust power. 'Arrow- Swan,' I announced. It was my main arrow, the arrow that I knew best and was the most familiar with. I attached the arrow. Held it up. Pulled the cobweb-string to my cheek. Fired. It soared across the room with eloquence and grace. It swam through the air as if a fish in the ocean. I watched it as it came closer and closer to the target. My body was still in the same position I fired it from. It came up closer. 5 yards. 3 yards. 1 yard. Hit. The target smashed with the strike, scraps of the hologram dispersed across the exam hall. I looked up to the screen once more. The score read...



'Guess we should call you ace then,'

I let a smile emerge on my face even though I knew that ace was for card games and not target practice. It was my first day at Jinsoku-Mizu high school. I really couldn't believe I was here. The building itself was enormous, incomparable with my previous school in Shiroi-Yuki. Also incomparable because, well, that building was on the ground. This was one was on a ship.

The End

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