Chapter 4- First Round

A voice booms over my head. 'Candidate Number 36, Constance Lycee, Duel Wielder of Bow and Arrow and Twin Daggers.' As the voice then fades out, the white tiled room around me ripples. Of all the reading I've done about this place, information about this room has never met my eyes. Must be so no new students have any unfair advantages. I stand for a minute in the silent room. It is ovular and fully blank barring the strip of windows plastered with figures of other students, some being the same colour of the room they've just had to face, others being older and more mature.

Suddenly, the floor beneath me collapses, and I collapse with it. I look up to see other once seemed square tiles to rise up above the group and push in towards where I had once stood. After the floor stops moving, I am in darkness. I requip my bow and arrows, ready for whatever is to greet me when this dark cover is destroyed by blinding white lights. Blinding white lights that will come soon. Any time. I feel a sharp point scrape my shoulder and immediately place my hand over the wound. I feel a warm liquid. Blood.

It looks like I'm not getting any light in here, this is a test in the darkness. To be a fighter, I need the tactical mind of a fighter. My hand moves cautiously over my shoulder and into the quiver. I feel for the arrow I want. Place it on the bow and fire. Now, a huge beam of blue energy reaches the end of the room from my body and bounces onto another surface, and the process continues. Eventually I am surrounded by a matrix of shining cylinders that reveal all the physical attributes of my opponents, but I only need to see their metallic arms to deduct. Clawbots- City Guardians.

I panic slightly at this and momentarily dtop my bow as they sprint towards me, one arm rising over the shoulder, ready for a slash to my skin, ready to have me bleed to my demise. No, i cant let these defeatist thoughts constrain me. I fix my eyes on the robot in front and glide to the left away from it, this avoiding its scrape and the others following. Then, i reach for my blow and reach for a handful of aqua arrows and fire simultaneously. Now physics dictates that when an electric object is struck with water, they should be electrocuted and shut down. However, with city modifications, these robots have armour impervious to water, as designed by the city defender: Riptide. Therefore, as the arrows leave my bow and expand into short rushes of water, the robots are pushed back and dazed for a few seconds. This is my chance to strike.

With an instinctive command as I throw my bow into the air, the bows string unattaches from one end and falls into the inside of the bow. As this occurs, the middle breaks and a blade slides out of each piece and clips into place. They then fall into my hands, the dual mode twin daggers. My body then moves towards the static robots, just as the robots regain their focus. It mimics the clawbots previous movement, arm behind shoulder, as it pounces towards the enemies. Ten centimetres from and it surges forward, dagger screaming for action. Closer and closer and it steadily moves forwards as my eyes trace its chest. Just one second more and it goes through and pierces the metal. But another claw reaches from behind for me and my head slides onto my other shoulder for avoidance and protection as my other arm reaches for another blow. My body continues to slash through the enemies, surging simultaneously towards each foe and slicing either through the body or off the head. After the last slice, I slow down and catch my breath. Never in my old school did I ever have a battle this difficult. David was my only toughest opponent truly.

Once I've caught, my breath I feel the floor beneath me rise up to the higher level I started off on. As I look up for the sign of a score screen, in the surrounding windows, I see a few familiar faces; to my left is Emma smiling with Robin, Ginger and George. Yet to my right I see the scowling face of Penelope with a brown haired boy behind, looking more mature. And pretty handsome. So handsome I was apparently staring as I hear an impatient voice come over the speakers belonging to Warrior Rose pushing me out of the hall. Just as I walk out, it finally hits me how much I miss David, with no one standing there to walk me out who I've always known and felt safe with. But this is what I wanted, so I have to deal with it.

The End

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