Chapter 3- Initiation

After milling around the structure for about an hour and three quarters, Emma and I decide to return to the main hall for the opening lecture, located across the way from the entrance, separated by grand double doors. Above it are four symbols; a red rose, a blue sword, a purple pair of vampiric wings and a golden globe. From what I read, those four symbols are the marks to represent each of the school's founders, despite the fact that one left mysteriously four years ago. Not wanting to be late, we both pushed the doors open, not wanting to get a poor seat. Unfortunately, we still ended up at the back as it looked as if everyone else had the same idea. Or at least, most people.

Two minutes before the beginning of the opening lecture, another group of initiates sit besides us, one being a brown haired boy wearing mostly red and black with a pair of wing-elbow blades, the next being a brown haired girl wearing mostly white and a pair of brown boxing gloves, and the last being a boy clinging closely to the girl with blue flat hair and a blue full body combat suit. 'Hi Emma and...?' The red boy says.

'Constance,' I reply and reach out to him before Emma smack his head back round to the front. 'This,' Starts Emma, 'Is Robin. We grew up together and went out with each other. I'd advise you not to do the same.' To this Robin's mouth falls open to as he cries out, 'Hey Emmie gimme a chance with some girl in this place!'

An elbow flies through the hair, 'WHO EVER SAID YOU COULD CALL ME THAT?!?'

While Emma and Robin bicker I pull my head around to see the other pair and reach out my hand. 'Hii it's nice to meet you,' I say as the other girl reaches out to me. The boy meanwhile, stays hidden behind her wide shoulders. 'Yeah sames, my name's Ginger,' She returns and smiles, then gesturing to her brother, 'And this is Jacob but he's a little shy.' We smile for a short while just before being interrupted by a cold voice projected through several speakers throughout the room. I don't think I've ever seen a girl with silver eyes before, or a pair with such a close relationship. Part of me thinks to be wary of them since a great relationship makes for a great team, the better part of me dismisses that thought. 'May I have your attention newcomers.' As we turn to the front I see a trio of women stood with small microphones attached over their heads. The one in the middle is the one who speaks. I know them, they're the three founders.

'It's a pleasure to welcome such budding warriors. I know that the strong ambitions you hold in your hearts will help you bloom and encourage you to flourish your fighting skills and strategies,' she continues, 'My name is Warrior Rosaline, the Rose.' Everyone claps and then as she raises her seemingly ivy tanged arm, silence enters momentarily for the other two. 'My name is Riptide,' Says the woman on the left with a blue full body ninja outfit. 'And my name is Valentine,' Says the last, a little too sharply for comfort. She seems to resemble some sort of vampire, with purple and black alternatively covering her body. A heart shaped hole is the only opening in her suit where skin can be seen which is lightly tanned. To the other two, a lesser applause is heard but an applause non the least.

The woman in the middle speaks once more, 'In your time in Regield College you will learn to work as skilled and determined warriors. Some will achieve and some will prosper into full bloom for their futures--'

'Who knows,' Valentine interrupts, 'Some of you may even develop a beta skill.'

With a look of daggers from Warrior Rosaline, Valentine smiles and looks down. Is that jealousy in her eyes, or is it my imagination? 'Yes some of you may, but know that Beta skills and any other power enhancements can only be obtained through work in groups, whether just pairs or in groups of a thousand,' She engages her eyes on me, 'That is why, as of today, you are no longer alone but in a team.' An uproar begins from the other students. I see the other engage in conversation around me yet I just keep my eyes held to Rosaline's. Does she know that I came here alone? The only one from my old region to be accepted to Regield College? Should I be worried?

Rosaline tosses her arm into the air as if throwing something and above us I notice dozens of magenta explosions, like cloudy and less defined fireworks. This brings everyone's attention back to her. 'From 11 O'clock today, you will all face a series of combat tests to decide your teams. At 11 O'clock today, your fighting skills will be measured in a first round. At 12 O'clock today, you will fight with one other opponent as decided by yourselves. Please remember though when constructing your partnership, a good team is made of varying fighters with varying skills. This is a second stage. Then, from your finishing time to 1 O'clock you will be able to construct your own team, desirably of four, to face off another team at 1 O'clock in a third and final stage. This will be your last chance to show us that there is someone else the tests didn't show that you may be better working with, yet it may prove the tests true. At 2 O'clock today, the opening ceremony will take place where your teams will be decided judged on the statistics of the three rounds. It is now 10 O'clock and the tests take place in the Combat Training Centre circled on any map in the school- Red for first years. We all wish you the best of luck both today and in the rest of your time in Regield College. Now go, achieve and prosper!'

The End

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