Chapter 2- Regield College

Before me stands the great building that I've longed to be in ever since secondary school- Regield College. It isn't so much as a building as it is an assortment of buildings connected by various bridges and tunnels though, yet it remains tall and full of splendour. Each building is silver shielded with the odd blue panel patterned like a checkerboard. The silver gleams in the critical sunlight above which tries its best to find a domestic flaw on the surface, yet none are pointed out as there is no flaw. It's perfect. It's the perfect place for me.'Hii' Comes a voice from behind me. I turn and see a girl who looks up admiring the buildings as I must have been the few seconds before. She is dressed in a yellow combat dress, a similar shape to mine, but instead of having ruffles and a snowflake design, it has black strips going across in thick lines. Her hair glistens with the building, a straight jet black, directed by a yellow hairband with two small triangles on each corner, apparently to resemble animal ears. She walks over to me and holds out a hand. 'My name's Emma,' She smiles a smile to compete with the sun for brightness, 'Let's be friends!' As she now tilts her head I think, why? Why does she want to be my friend? We've only just met and she literally knows nothing about me apart from that I must have admitted here too. Why not choose someone else?

'Because why not?' She says, startling me out of my trance, 'You should keep your mouth shut when you're thinking internally though- Your lips moves with your thought then!' She giggles and holds out her glove protected hand. 'What do you say...?'

'Constance' I reach out to her with my bearer hand and we shake, 'Glad to meet you.'


'We're 2 hours early you know,' says Emma walking alongside me. Our bare arms brush a few times but neither of us seem to mind the little friction, we're more bothered about the narrow hallways fit for about one person at a time. 'I know' I reply, 'But I just really wanted to look around here. This is my first time away from home and I was just too exited to sit at home and wait! Did you know that they say this school has three guardians running it? What if we could see--'

'You know you think too much about things,' She blurts with hands now adjusting her headband, 'Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Let things happen that will happen.'

'I know but this is my first time away from home and you know,' I start and stop after realising I'm repeating myself.

'Gee you would've thought you were one of those kids from the Alba-Nueve region!' She laughs kiddingly. I feel that I should correct her but I remember what my parents told me before I left home for here. They told me to never speak about my old region and to say that these aerial islands are my new region and my new. I wanted to ask more about it and why but before I could, they pushed me out of the house and wished me luck. Should I be ashamed of where I came from?

Instead of answering Emma, I change the subject. 'So why did you come here? Any particular interest? I mean how could there not be, it's the--' I stop myself from rambling with a short diminuendo and let her reply. 'Well yeah I always had my heart set on here,' She says now returning her hands, 'My brother told me about it and it sounded pretty good.'

'Oh, did your brother go here before?' I ask trying to ignore the change in her voice tone. She shakes her head, then thinks and then nods, and then comes out with a 'Sort of.'

Great. First day and I've hit a touchy subject already. Luckily she saves the drop in tone with possibly my most passionate subject, even more passionate than this college- Weaponry. 'So,' She shuffles out of her disheartenment into the usual happy tone, 'What instrument do you use? I was always known for guessing the weapon of any fighter you know.' She returns my smile and instructs me to stand still. So I stand in the middle of the corridor facing her as he eyes me up and down for a few seconds. However, as a small flock of birds swoop past the window, my attention shifts. 'I know it!' She screams. I jump out of my daze and trip onto the floor. Second time this week. 'You have a dual type weapon, one that can change type depending on the user's command' She declares. I nod. She continues, 'Your weapon is a joint bow and arrow and double dagger. You also have arrow in your bow and arrow quiver that appears when summoned presumably, filled with arrow of different types that can change with your thoughts, ready for any opponent.' I stand dumbfounded. All that from those few seconds? 'How?' I all I can manage. 'Well, you stood focused at first giving the impression of a sharp ranged attacker, either user of a bow or knife thrower. However, when you became distracted, it was obvious you were a dual fighter and your focus on a moving target from a still one revealed you to use both weapons, only the daggers are used for you melee,' She explains as if common knowledge. 'Wow,' I breathe.

'Do you wanna try me?' She returns. I shake slowly then steadily. I remember reading once how a fighter can be easily insulted by a wrong calling of their weapon. I don't want to insult someone who's just become my friend.

'Alright,' She replies and looks around. Her hair flies from side to side until another girl enters the corridor, 'Try her.'

I examine her. She has sleek light blonde hair and the posture of royalty. She takes short strides. She also wears white armour with light pink circles displaced among it. It is a full body combat suit, the first I've ever seen.

I turn back to Emma and try to mock her confident tone juvenilely. 'She must be a long katana sword user with a cherry blossom guard,' I conclude. We laugh for a short time partly at the clear failure. 'Actually, I am an umbrella rapier user. That's a swordswoman who can also user ranged attacks to destroy their enemy even if defeated or fatigued.' The girl stand above the two of us, I didn't realise how much taller she was. 'My name would be Patricia. You'd be best to remember that name.' And she walks on, her head high above ours, shoulders back and with a straight spine.

It suddenly hits me as we stare into her back that there may be more than one type of person here and there is no guessing what there will be more of- More Patricia's or more Emma's. I just hope that the latter is the more realistic.

The End

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