Chapter 1- Passing Exam

I stand in an empty exam hall, I'm the only one here, the only one that's applied to Regield College. Before me is a single hologram, real enough to be pierced but not real enough to be held. This is the hologram I must hit perfectly, in it's centre in order to pass the exam. To get into Regield College. It's a target. It's standing before my life target, and I won't let it pierce my dreams of being a fighter for my region. I look up to check the board above, displaying my scores so far. It reads 100-90-95-95. Total 280. My instructor told me previously that I needed at least a score of 380 to get into the college. I laugh at how clichéd this almost is. But I need to focus to pass this, so I draw my eyes back down to the silver and blue ringed target, hovering and shuddering as if laughing at me, trying to trick me into losing my focus. I hold my bow-Glacier's Edge- up with my right arm whilst pulling an arrow at random out of my quiver. Purity Arrow- Perfect. With that in my left hand, I attach it to the string of Glacier, and pull back the string with my right arm. I shut one eye and focus on the centre of the target. Just this shot. Please let it hit the centre. My heart is pounding. I feel almost dizzy from the tension. I keep my focus. Remember my hopes, my dreams, my goal, the string, the releasing of the string. I released the string. And then close my other eye.

The sound of a smash rushes my senses. It wipes away all the anticipation of the last few minutes. I hit it, but where? As I open my eyes again, I see floating bits of the hologram there once was. It looks as if glass has been shattered and then thrown into the air before me. Did I really do that? My head then raises up to the scoreboard. I find my name and skim across the characters until I reach the newest characters to be displayed. I find them and I release how I did. Perfectly. A perfect score of 100. I got in to Regield College.


'Heyy Constance! Wait up!' A shout disrupts my balance and I fall onto the ground. 'You went pave walking without me?' This voice could only belong to my childhood best friend David, a year younger than me and a lifetime more insane. I smile up at him as he offers me his hand, then pulls it away causing me to fall forwards with the help of the slippery surface. 'Sooooo how did the exam go- WAIT, don't tell me, you aced it like everything else and now you're going away to the most highly respected Regield College' He rambles on saluting with his arm as he mocks my future. I don't mind and laugh instead. 'Well I passed but I wouldn't say I aced it exactly' I reply, rubbing the back of my head as my legs elevate the rest of my body to my full height of 5.5ft. 'But you got through right?' Pursues the 15 year old that now skates round like some sort of deluded ice fairy. I nod and mumble a yes and he skates back to me with one hand approaching my shoulder and the other punching the air in rejoice. 'Awesome! Let's go celebrate at yours!'

After a short ten minute walk we return to my cottage. It may be only small, with fours rooms and an outhouse but it has enough warmth to be called a home. My parents greet us from the Kitchen and tell us to sit at the table. Anyone would think they have psychic powers setting four places knowing the David would come over tonight, but given the fact he comes round every night, this characteristic becomes less realistic We sit at opposite ends staring at each other with giddy eyes and smiles tugging our mouths, trying to hold both back for the element of surprise. I tap on the wooden table a simple rhythm to attempt to distract myself from David's fire lit face as his gaze wanders around the room. Suddenly, my gaze then goes to my sleeve, then down my combat dress and then to my shoes until the thought sinks in that my best combat gear is completely ruined right before the opening day for Regield College! The once sky blue coloured clothes decorated by small white snowflakes around the edges has been muddied and now looks more like a dogs apron than formal combat wear. Just as that thought recognises with my oblivious father walks in followed by my now frenzied mother, who screams in my face and tells me to change. 'I don't care whether it's in your room or before your friend I need you to change so I can wash that before the big day!' She screams. 'I got in Mum' I say quietly.

My Father then starts with 'That's grea--'


She waves her arms around like a toy soldiers under control of a seven year old but I know she means the best. I scurry down the room to my room and change as quick as I can, not letting the last chapter of 'The Alba-Nueve Legend' tempt me away from tea. I hurry back to my place and sit down ready to eat. But there is another distraction. No wonder everyone at school worries about my eating. 'A toast!' Announces my Father, 'To the first Lycee to be in the Top 10 future fighters of this region!' Everyone nods but 'Just because I passed doesn't mean I'm good enough to get that far you know!'

The End

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