Prologue- Samantha

I've been trying and trying to get my head straight but I just... I've hit a wall. You were my everything. That's why I gave everything up for you. I knew you were evil, but I never knew you were heartless. As I stumble through the snow, I get the same feeling as I did when I was with you; not knowing whether I was going to trip or be perfectly alright. As a pessimist, I expect a trip and as my foot gives way I see that I was correct unlike last time with you. Looking up to were we lived, I see you, staring down at me as coldly as the snow sits upon the ground. Well Mathew, I've said to you how I feel. Now I'm going to show you.

She pushes open the 49th door open with her icy hands only to be greeted by several of his minions, once shared by the two of them. They stare at her for a while before reaching for their dark swords. Their black suits stood out among the white interior as well as their armour matched hers. You could tell just from that very armour that this event was taking place in the rather distant past. They now have their sword pointing towards her in a fighting stance. She two is ready for a battle. She holds out a silver and extremely sharp ring blade. Snow white, just like her suit. 'Fine,' She says. And in a flash she shoots up into the air and swings around with her blade slashing her opponents' right and left. As each swung for defence, their weapons were knocked out of their hands with the woman in white's flying ring blade. They staggered back and as a finishing move, she swung the ring blade around her wrist. This summoned fast shooting ice bolts from inside to them. As they hit, each warrior turned to ice, in capable of moving. Just as she was about to smash that ice however, a sharp pain appeared in her back and she flew across the room. She turned to see the very one she was looking for. 'I thought you knew I was a back-stabber, Samantha,' He sniggered. Suddenly, she flew towards him with massive rage and also with a whole new persona. Her armor had turned from white and protective to red and offensive. Her blade changed from a ring to a grand crescent which also had become a reddish colour. Their blades met and the pressure between so great that...!

The End

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