The Age Of Miracles (Ch 26-34)

Summary: Julia and her parents are going to find her Grandfather in Circadia and this place didn't even exist on any map! This is the place Gabby had went to with that boy she found online. This place is literally a Desert. They start asking people if they have seen Julia's grandfather and the people say that haven't seen him and he probably doesn't want them to know that he's there. Then Julia starts seeing people she knows and is surprised. They find Chip's house and go to it. When the family walks into the house they see Chip is having a party. People are dancing, getting high in the corner and drinking. They soon realize that Julia's grandfather is not there and leave. Seth and Julia go over to Sylvia's house and adventure around it and see if there's any life in the house and there is. It's Sylvia and Julia's father. After all that mess, Seth gets sick and they send him off to a new place and Julia never hears from Seth again.


Julia attitude changes when she finds out her dad is cheating on her mom, I mean who wouldn't! She becomes more brave when she comes face to face with her father at Sylvia's house. Her father tells her to go home but she stands her ground and starts to tell him that she could walk back to the house and tell her mother what's been happening been the two of them. Also Seth is standing by her side, defending her and telling her to be brave and that she doesn't have to do anything he says. 

The novel doesn't really distort any gender roles but the author describes how the character really is. For example, Gabby, she thinks she's an emo and doesn't have to follow her parents rules. When in reality she's like twelve and she's in the seventh grade. If she was my child and treated me the way she treated her parents in this book, she would of been dead. Another example, Julia's father, he's not loyal, and if he was my husband and I found out that he's cheating, I would get his clothes and put them on Sylvia's porch with a note that says 'Have fun in your new house buddy.' 

The End

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