The Age of Miracles ch. 17-25

At the beginning of this chapter, Julia is talking about how the sun may set after the clock goes through an entire day, and cause people to act a little crazy. The time of year is around new years, and Julia's parents are going out for a party. On the way there, they accidentally hit someone, and later on we find out he dies. Julias mother(helen) feels so terrible for this, and Julia's father(Joel) never tells her he died, so when Joel finds out, he lies to her and says he lived, and that weight is lifted off of Helen. Julias mother also has gotten a worse case of some sort of disease, and her insomnia is no help to that. Gabby has shaved her head and ran off with some boy that lived in Circadia, only to be caught, and shipped off to a boarding school. Someone made a tree fall on Sylvia's house, and no one knew who did it. Julia is starting to lose interest in playing soccer, but her dad keeps making her play. One day, Julia was getting dropped off, and when her dad was gone, she went into a store that was across where the soccer field was. Julia's birthday passes, and no one at school really cared, or even knew. On the way to have a birthday dinner with mom, dad, they went to pick up grandpa (gene). When Gene was not home, they all got worried, and all his stuff was gone or packed up somewhere, but nowhere to be found. Julia gets invited to go over to Michela's house, and was uncomfortable pretty much the whole time she was there, and found out that the only reason she was invited was so Michela's boyfriend could come to. Seth invited Julia to go help beached whales, and of course she says yes. At the end of the chapters, they find out that Gene might be in Circadia, because that's where Chip was. 

In the novel, everyone thinks they can act wild and crazy, and then get away with it because they blame the slowing for messing with their moods. I do not think this is okay because this is not an good excuse to be acting that way, and the people that are actully acting different because of the slowing, are not acting the way other people say. 

The End

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