The Age Of Miracles (Ch 17-25)

Stuff has hit the fan with this family! Julia caught her father cheating and doesn't trust him anymore and she can see right through all his lies. Julia's mother is still half crazy half sane. The mother wants to start acting again. Julia thinks her mother already knows about her father and Sylvia. Julia's grandfather has disappeared.

The emerging theme, everyone is slowly going crazy and people are leaving or the 'suicide rates' are going up. In chapter 17 it says "Five thousand years of art and superstition would suggest that it's the darkness that haunts us most, that the night is when the human mind is most apt to be disturbed." and also "Scientists had long been aware of the negative effects or prolonged daylight on human brain chemistry. Rates of suicide, for example, had always been highest above the Arctic Circle, where self-inflicted gunshot wounds surged every summer, the continuous daylight driving some people mad." 

The stereotype you can find in this story is the typical christian going crazy and saying 'The End Is Near'. If this was the real world I can see some going completely crazy and saying stuff like that. In chapter 17 page 136, after Julia's mom hit that man with her car, orange flyers wafted up from the ground beside him and they said "Attention all sinners. The trumpets are sounding, and the end is here. Repent or face the wrath of God." 

The central conflict is Julia's parents, her dad is a player. Julia has been avoiding her father and hates him. In chapter 17 page 131 "I hated him right then, sweeping into our house in his white lab coat as if he hadn't thrown it on only moments before opening the door."

The End

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