The Age Of Miracles Analysis (26-34)

The world starts to slow its rotation as we get to see through julia's eyes. Julia is a girl trying her hardest to have a regular life much like everyone else, even though this disaster is happening. Her parents started fighting not caused by the slowing but caused by the thought of what to come from the slowing. All of this happening while pour julia is just trying to grow up. As the book proggrsses we start to have trouble with when people should sleep because the days have gotten longer and d

The theme is a natural disaster isn't always the cause of your disaster. Julia is having a rough time, but most of it is not caused by the slowing. Most of it is caused by the fact that she is growing up while her parents are growing apart. Julia's parents continue to fight while Julia continues with everyday teen issues. Like how julia is pretty sure that her father is having an afair with their neighbor and she is pretty sure her mom knows." I fell a rushed goodye and a quick kiss in the hall before he left."

Everything happening has changed how julia sees herself. At one point she wished she wasn't born so her parent could have a nice life. The slowing affected her mother now she has a mental disorder that causes her to pass out randomly. This happend when her mom was driving and she crashed into someone killing them. But julia was mainly affected by growing up and her parents fighting.

Most of her actions were caused by her and how she is changing. Julia was a different person in the beggening of the book. What she has done has changed her. Her parents caused her to think about not being born. Her father made her angry by having an affair.

The End

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