Let Her Go

Patho watched from the trees. He watched the princess struggled to control her horse. She had never liked horses and he wished to go to her now to help her along through the forest. 

"This is stupid" Rosian hissed. "Why follow her?"

"Ro has a point" the other rebel who had followed him, Rob, said. "What do you expect to acomplish"

Patho narrowed his eyes at Rosian. "You said it yourself. Its a suicide mission and I promised years ago to protect her life with my own. I will stick to that oath" he says strongly before looking down back at the princess.

"But it isn't your duty anymore" Rosian said angrily. She took a deep breath and Patho immediatly knew what she was going to say next. "She isn't your princess. You're a rebel like me and Rob. We have no royalty"

Patho gripped the hilt of his sword in anger. She was his princess. He would never give her up. Not while he still breathed. Till he breathed his last breath he would protect her with his life and would give nothing less than that. "You two don't have to come but I am going to follow her and make sure she survives the journey"

"Patho" Rob sighed. "You know I'm with you till the end. I owe you my life"

Indeed the rebel did even though Patho did not ask it of him when he rescued the boy from a mercenary 6 years back. The two dragons eyes met sharing that memory so long ago. Patho gave a curt nod then looked at Rosian. "And you?" he questioned.

She grit her teeth. "I'd follow you to the end also" she says. "But not for her"

Patho nods excepting her words yet find them annoying. He had often made it clear to Rosian that his feeling for Alayia would never change. Yet she pushed him, constantly, to forget of her and his passed. He knew the female dragon loved him and had so for at least the 5 years he had been with the rebels. 

He wouldn't give on his love for Alayia though. 30 years of longing would not go away in a heartbeat and even Rosian knew this but she could not except it.

"Then we go onwards" he whispers looking back down at the princess. He worried about the journey ahead especially if the young princess came face to face with the elves of the wood. If they attacked.... he was going to have to reveal himself. 

He was going to have to stand before the princess again.

The End

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