The Lone Rebel Knight

Patho watched with Rosian and the other rebels as King Laron stepped out onto the balcony slowly followed by his family but with his daughter, Alayia, at his side. The banished Knight tensed at the sight of the young Princess. He could not believe the changes that had seemed to happen to her in the pass twelve years where he had not been by her side. He ached to stand there now. To support her as the heavy burden weighed upon her shoulders.

Rosian tusked. "How can the King do that to his own daughter?" she muttered. "To get the stone of the sky is a suicide mission"

The rest of the rebels agreed and so did Patho but he had been thinking that for the past twelve years. This news was not new to his ears yet he had been hoping to hear of the Princess gaining her mark but he had not. The young Princess was still without a dragon form. Patho smiled at how he knew Alayia would protest she was not young that 160 was in no way a youngling. She always protested that but the Knight could not image her anyway than a gentle soul.

A Princess was strong yes but gentle and kind. A few through the generations had been warriors and it was not rare for women to be so but Princess' were seen as the brain of the royal family. The Queen usually took on a role as advisor while the King dealt with the actual problems.

"Patho" Rosian suddenly hissed at the daydreaming dragon. "We're leaving. Rob spotted some guards"

The lone knight nodded and turned to followed the rebels as they spread out from their group to weave through the crowds. Patho listened out though. He heard the clunking of metal that the guards created and, as a Knight, Patho was use to listening out for trouble. So hearing the guards to the left her turned and slipped off through an alley. The rest of the rebels followed. They knew by now that Patho was good at escaping their foes. So when the guards didn't follow Rosian jogged up to stand at Patho's side.

"Nice job again" she said with a smile as they then slipped into an empty street. "What do you think about this shindig then? Worried about the Princess?"

"Always" Patho said as he always did when Rosian pressed this subject. "You know that. Why do you keep asking?"

"I'm waiting for the day you finally get over her" Rosian says giving him a piercing gaze. Patho met it easily and stopped the other three rebels carrying on passed them easily able to make their own way back to the camp in the northern woods.

"Why?" Patho questioned. 

"So maybe we can be more than just friends" Rosian says then turns and races off after the other. Patho gazes after the rebel dragon shocked then back towards the palace. How could he get over Alayia? She was a Princess. She washis Princess. Heaving a heavy sigh he yanked his gaze away.

Maybe he should get over his old life but Patho honestly didn't know if he actually could. He would travel back to the city tomorrow to watch Alayia travel off. To make sure she didn't run into any trouble through the northern wood then he'd leave her alone.

The End

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