Wake Up Call

"Alayia! Alayia!" little Carmina ran into Alayia's bedroom. Alayia sat up, still half asleep. Carmina flung herself into Alayia's arms. Alayia wrapped her little sister in a hug.

"What are you so excited about this morning, Carmina?" Alayia said gently. Carmina grinned, her sharp teeth glinted in the soft light.

"The Royal Hall is decorated so pretty!" Carmina giggled, hugging herself. "Something big is gonna happen!"

"Carmina!" The twins, Benito and Tayla walked into the room."Why did you wake up your big sister so early for?" They teased the little dragon, moving to sit on the edge of Alayia's bed.

"What's going on? What's happening?" Alayia sat up straighter.

The twins and Carmina shared a look.

"We weren't told anything." Benito said, " But, you'd better get dressed, Father wants to see you in the Royal Hall." With that Alayia's three younger siblings left the room, leaving it just as calm and quiet as it was before. 


When Alayia walked into the Royal Hall, there was a palpable sense of expectation in the room. Everyone was there. Her father and mother were seated on their thrones, their opulent robes flowing around them like the wings they transformed into. Her older brother, Terren stood behind their father, looking regal with his arms behind his back. Benito, Tayla, and Carmina sat on stools around the thrones. They were all watching her.

Alayia held her head up high.

"You wanted to see me, Father?" She said.

King Laron stood, walking towards is eldest daughter.

"You have been chosen my dear." He said proudly. "You are going on the quest to find the stone of sky!"

"What?" Alayia was shocked. "You're sending me on a quest! But my kni--"

"You must go alone." The king said. "It's your duty."

Alayia stood silent. The king walked past her and to the double doors that led to the balcony above the square. There was a giant crowd below, the cheers as the King walked out were deafening. The king raised his arms and a hush fell over the crowd.

"My daughter, has been chosen!" a cheer went up

"She will go on the quest for the Stone of Sky!"

Alayia walked out of the balcony, stiff kneed and nervous. She waved stiffly to the crowd, smiling as she knew a princess should.

The End

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