The Age of Dragons

There are five kingdoms in Dragnox each one fighting over the mighty Stone of the Sky. It is in the kingdom of Anuzora where Princess Alayia is chosen by the Dragon Spirits to be the warrior of her kingdom to fetch the Stone. One problem. Alayia hasnt got her marks yet and shes not left the castle since the banishment of her knight. Theres no time to think cause their Allies are growing tired of the kingdoms power. So Alayia must travel where no young unmarked Dragon has ever been before

There are five kingdoms in the realm of Dragnox. For over a hundred years they have been at war fighting for the Stone of the Sky. First, it is the kingdom of Anuzora leading the kingdoms Hellioe and Friera on one side and the kingdoms of Teria and Alicoe fighting on the other.

Anuzora having been the largest and most powerful kingdom for years they found themselves confused when the first attack came at their temple to the east of the kingdom. This brought about years of war and terror. Every person over the age of 200 years that had their marks were drafted straight into the army with it stopping at the age of 600 years. This being since Dragons only aged 1 year for every 10 that actually passed.

It was on the night that noted the 100th year of the war that King Laron of Anuzora finally asked the Dragon Spirits to help. He did not get the answer he had been hoping.


Young Knight Patho watched from the edge of the castles temple room as the king approached his alter. He had been called to attendance like all Knights even though he was one of four that guarded the King's five children.

It had been the female Knight Sandre that had been given the honor and challange of watching the two young twins of the King. Patho though had been assigned to the second child of the King. An image of Alayia right now passed through his mind. The thought of her still waiting for him in the libary to finish reading that book they started this evening. Her long red hair and golden eyes that constantly looked up at him with awe.

It warmed him so deeply when she looked at him like that. They spent many hours in the libary since her marks had not yet grown through. There wasn't even a slight hint of a mark between her shoulder to show that she was now able to activate her Dragon form. There had been a night where they had snuck out and Patho had allowed her to sit on his back in his Dragon form as he flew her through the sky just to show her the freedom.

That had been many months ago now. Alayia also knew she should begin to train since she was reaching 160 years which was when marks set in. She had wanted to train earlier but even with Patho pressing the matter they wouldn't allow her. So that's why they spent so many hours in the libary.

"Patho" Anre, the knight of the first child of the King, hissed nudging the young Knight in the side. Although could 170 years be considered young? He had been a Knight for 20 years now having watched the Princess Alayia as soon as he came out of training. "Pay attention"

Patho sighed heavy and looked towards the King who address the Dragon Spirit's with wide arms. "I call upon our ancestors, our founders and our lord Dragons" the King calls out. "In these time of hardship I call upon your wisdom and sight to tell me who it should be I send to retrieve the Stone of the Sky"

The room began to shake and with a burst of fiery light the old King Hallow appeared. He had been the first King of Anuzora and at the sight of him everyone dropped to their knees in a bow including the current King.

"Mighty King of Old" King Laron greated. "I require your assistance to save not only our Kingdom but the people of our Kingdom from any more horrible and violent deaths"

"The time is not right, Laron" the Old King spoke. King Laron looked up with wide eyes but the old King continued. "A child of royalty shall travel forth from this Kingdom but the time is not right"

"How long must I wait?" King Laron yelled out as the Old King began to fade away.

"Twelve years till your first daughter travels unmarked and alone from this place" King Hallow said. Patho had hardly listened till that point but at the mention of Alayia he looked up.

"No" he yelled out just as the Old King vanished. Everyone turned on him including the King who narrowed his eyes and approached the young Knight at a brisk walk.

"You defy the Spirits?" the King says sharply.

"Alayia hasn't even been trained to lift a sword and twelve years is hardly enough time to train her for a quest like this especially alone" Patho counters defying not only the King but the Spirits. No one would dare think of doing that but the young Knight stood his ground.

"You may be right, Patho, but the Spirits have spoken. If you defy them still you will be banished" the King says.

"Then banished I shall be because I shall not standby and watch you ready Alayia for her death" Patho hisses. The King flicks his hands and some common soldiers walk up yanking the cape from my shoulders.

"I will allow you to keep your weapons but your armour shall be removed from you. You will be given a horse and I expect you gone before sunrise.... You may not say goodbye to anyone"

Patho clenched his jaw as he was dragged off. The other Knight watched but not one stepped in. Not even Patho's mentor and leader, Anre.


"Patho" a rebel, Rosian, hissed in his ear. He opened his eyes pulled out of his thoughts of that night twelve years ago. "We need to go. They'll be starting the announcement soon or do you not wish to see what all the fuss is about"

Patho glanced around at the four rebels perched on the roof with him that had accompanied him into the city. Four of fifteen that he now lived with. He looked back towards the palace and gripped the hilt of his sword holding the mark of Anuzora Knights. He knew what the fuss was about and while the rebels knew his past he had dare not speak about his banishment.

"Lets go" he says and pulling up his hood he slipped off the edge of the building. He landed on his feet in an alleyway. The rebels followed and they slipped into the flow of the crowd heading towards the palace. Today it would be announced that Alayia would be the warrior to find the Stone of the Sky. The truth would now been revealed.

The End

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