The Age of Disaster (17-25)

So right now in the book everything is changing for the main character, Julia. She is trying to understand what is happening to her family and friends. Julia is trying to make sense of it all, so she starts to think of it because of the "Slowing" caused by the Earth.

  A theme that seems to emerge in the book is how everything is changing. Bad things have been happening to and by the people of the book, this may have not been caused by The Slowing, but that hasn't helped these things. One thing bad that has happened since The Slowing is the father of Julia has been sleeping with their neighbor Sylvia, and has been trying to hide it from his family. This is a theme that seems to appear more often in the book than it should. 

  The mental state of the mother in the book as been changing since the start of the book, even though Julia says she was always dramatic, The Slowing is having bad effects on her, throughout the book. A problem that seems to emerge from The Slowing is Gravity Sickness, that is caused by the Earth's  Gravity being affected by the Earth's Slowing, it causes people to act different than how they would usually act, or feel. 

   The book in itself is a very interesting book, the book was entertaining in the way that it kept you wondering what was going to happen next. At the bus stop when that kid pulled up Julia's shirt to see if she had a bra or not, it was very different than what I had read before, because I thought that if the Earth had not been slowing would have he still wanted to act like that. That was sort of something that I thought was the effect of the Gravity Sickness caused by the Earth's slowing. The Age of Miracles has a lot of different events that happen during the story, that make the book interesting throughout the book, and always keeping you involved, and wanting to keep reading.

The End

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