The Aftermath of the Wizard of Oz

A modernized version of the classic tale 'The Wizard of Oz', telling the story of Dorothy's life after she returned from Oz.



Dorothy Gale, now aged seventeen, still recalls her days 'back in Oz'. Her aunt claims that she is not crazy, but was merely experiencing a realistic dream. However, when I asked Dorothy Gale what the real deal was, she told me about her long journey that had 'Munchkins', a wicked witch, a good witch, a scared lion, a tin man, and a scarecrow. She followed the yellow brick road. She had to get back to Kansas, after all. Gale, after 3 years, still claims that she was caught in a twister and was sent flying 'over the rainbow'. She also claims that if her dog Toto could talk he would spill the beans. Lord, please help this child.

"Another article about how crazy I am," Dorothy said, throwing the newspaper on the table.

She had moved from Kansas to get away from it all. Yet, in New York, people still had their flaws. She looked a lot different now then she did back then. She had blue contacts on, darker hair, a better body, and a mature face. She looked healthier, rather than having that pasty white skin of hers. Her accent had been transformed in a New Yorker's. She had changed. A lot.

She slipped into her boots and grabbed her purse. Stepping outside on a brisk spring afternoon in New York was the best. She walked to the cafe near her apartment building.

"Sorry," she said, rushing in, "I was reading that article about me. Again."

"It's ok," said Helen said, "calm down."

Dorothy took a sip of her coffee.

"Aah," she said, feeling the warmth run through her.

She made a funny face when she did this and the next thing she knew:


Life sucks.


The End

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