Emily clung to Erin for a while longer. Erin had never thought about girls before. Sure, there were the usual hugs girls gave each other, and the auntie or motherly type kisses, but Emily's embrace - even her kiss on the neck - felt different in a nice, inviting kind of way. Erin knew she liked it, and felt at ease about it.

Here Erin was, a minister's daughter who was taught this type of behavior was all wrong. She started thinking about all the times she was mean to Emily because of Ray. Did she have these feelings for Emily all along? Had she purposely tried to push Emily away from her? And what about Ray? Was he simply her pawn in a desperate game of attracting Emily's attention? Ray certainly didn't rock her world the way she thought he would. Maybe that's why this whole break up thing really didn't seem to matter.

Everything Erin was doing now was so taboo to her and her upbringing, but it all seemed so natural, so right to her. Emily's kiss on her neck burned with an unquenchable passionate fire. She could feel the dampness in her panties as her senses reeled and her legs trembled. She desired Emily, and she felt it deep within her soul.

Emily didn't break the embrace, but remained cradled in Erin's arms. She looked into her eyes and smiled slightly. Erin nervously smiled back, then deliberately approached Emily's face and kissed her passionately on the lips. Emily's reaction was one of passionate submissiveness as she parted her lips slightly and tasted Erin's lips with her tongue. Erin felt her tongue and parted her lips, inviting Emily's tongue into her mouth. The tips of their tongues met as they gasped into each other's mouth.

In the meantime, Hootie had decided against breaking up Erin and Emily's interaction. The night was young, and there was plenty of time. Besides, what self respecting man can resist watching two girls kiss, or filming them? That's exactly what Hootie was doing as he and the driver now circled around the two girls, camcorders in hand, looking for the best angles.

For Erin it was like a dream, or like time stood still. Nothing else mattered except Emily, the kiss, and the embrace they were sharing. She moved her hand down to Emily's waist and undid the belt of her skirt. She unbuttoned the skirt and pushed it slowly over Emily's curvy hips, allowing it to fall to the floor. Her hand slowly trailed down the outside of Emily's panties until her fingers found the softness of Emily's wet, swollen camel toe. Emily quietly cooed as Erin caressed her wet, hot slit.

Erin had touched herself "down there" many times. This was the first time she had ever touched another girl's labia and vagina. She felt so wicked, so sinfully full of lust and desire. There was no turning back now. She wanted Emily, and she was going to have her no matter what. She didn't care any more about what was right or wrong, what her friends at school might say, or what she knew her parents would say should any of them find out. Her hand moved up to the waistband of Emily's panties. Her fingers plunged inside, and found their target as Emily parted her thighs slightly to give Erin easier access.

"Oh gawd!" Emily gasped as Erin's fingers found their target. She took her right hand and and tucked it up under Erin's long tee shirt, finding the crotch of Erin's panties. Her fingers gently rubbed Erin's crotch in a light circular motion, causing Erin to moan into her ear. She slowly walked Erin over to the matress in the middle of the floor, pausing to kiss her on the lips. "Oh Erin, I want you more than anyone I've ever known" she said between kisses. "Let's get on the bed together. I want to kiss you all over."

Both girls fell onto the matress, still fondling and kissing each other. Erin could no longer contain herself as she ripped open Emily's blouse, exposing her ample cleavage. She rolled on top of her, kissing her way down to the front clasp of Emily's bra.

Emily looked up and smiled at the hooded figure in the kitchen doorway, and gave him a signal. She pulled down Erin's panties, exposing her milky white ass flesh.

Erin never knew what hit her until it was too late. There was the sting of the needle and the spreading sensations of warmth. She went limp as Emily rolled her onto her back and finished removing her clothes. Ray was suddenly there, hovering over her. There was an evil grin on his face. "Welcome to my world, Erin. Now you'll really know what it's like to be treated like shit. I'm gonna turn you into a crack whore, and you're gonna make all kinds of money for me, aren't you baby?" He laughed out loud. "Maybe you'll even end up on welfare, like me. Only you'll be pregnant, spending every dollar you get on drugs. I'm gonna make sure of it. By the time this night's over, you're gonna be so full of sperm, you won't know who the father is."

Erin tried to speak, but couldn't. She watched as Emily straddled her hips. "I really do like you, Erin. Nothing personal. We're going to finish what we started first. I really want to get a taste of you before everyone else slops you up. If only you had been nicer to me, maybe Ray would have given you to me." Emily turned around and put her crotch right in Erin's face. She put her own face between Erin's thighs and started licking.

"This is your punishment for dissing me, Erin. This is what you deserve for thinking you're better than me." Ray grabbed Erin by the hair. "Start licking, or you'll get hosed now."

Having no other choice, Erin quietly began to lick Emily's wet slit.

The End

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