after mathMature

Sitting in maths, waiting for the teacher to finish his rounds and sit back down. Lucius looked out the window, longing to see something aside from the everyday landscape of the school oval and highway beyond.

Remembering stories from the news of strange occurences around the world of buildings falling into the earth and others of factories mysteriously cathching on fire and blowing up all nearby buildings with no apparent reason.

As the teacher walked past one final time Lucius made out that he was working away at the problems on the page.

Just as he realised he was working out more realistic problems, the building began to shake violently. The teacher shouted out "EARTHQUAKE!!!"

Just as everyone got ready to run out of the building the trembling stopped. Everyone looking shocked and shaken began to sigh in relief. The teacher and every other teacher in the building began to evacuate the place as quickly as possible while still keepin order.

Lucius stood up and began to walk out the door elated that something more than just more maths had happened. As he stepped through the floor on either side of the two story building collapsed underneath his feet. Landing on a blanket of bodies Lucius had only the doorway he was underneath to thank for his life.

lucius had to scramble to get out of the rubble and over dead bodies of his classmates.

As he crested the top of the rubble he looked out and saw it wasnt just his building that had caved in.
The whole school had sunk into a massive hole.


The End

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