the aftermathMature

Lucius Oxton, a 17 year old boy witnesses the apocolypse. Surviving the first day Lucius must now fight for survival every day wether that be from from hordes of attackers or simply to find his next meal.

Lucius Oxton, a student in his second last year of high school. Sitting in maths planning What any normal teenager planned in maths, a zombie attack. It was not his fault he didnt realise he was planning the wrong thing, it was the fult of the worlds scientists that they didnt notice the signs for what they were.

It all began to show as tremors wracked the major cities in places that should have been completely stable. Then after a month or two of that cracks began to appear in the ground, not the small cracks that appear when it hasnt rained for a while, the kind of cracks only viewed in games or movies. Gaping holes in which whole blocks of land were swallowed up by the earth and dropped four metres only to grind to an almost imeadiate halt destroying anything on top of it not made to withstand extreme forces.

These signs and many more had beckoned the end of the world.

The End

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