The Aftermath

He stood surveying the battlefield, rain was pouring down and mixing with the blood and the earth. The smell was enticing. The rain was washing his blood spattered armour and sword. He sensed something move behind him, at the last second he dodge the Beasts club. He turned to face his assailant, He was eye to eye the Beast. It roared in His face, He replied by embedding His sword in the Beasts chest. The Beast howled in pain as He plunged his gauntleted fist in next to the sword, He grabbed hold of the Beasts heart and pulled it and his sword free. The Beast looked at him and then collapsed face first into the ground. He looked at the heart and cast it to one side. "Well that was a waste!" He looked over to where the voice came from. It was Drago, His second in command. "The heart was not worth it" He replied, looking Drago. "My Lord the battle is won, Ysabella's army has been crushed.""Do not under estimate my dear sister Drago, she inherited Mother's cunning and guile."" My Lord it is you who inherited your Fathers tactical acumen and brutality in combat.""Flattery? Drago? I thought you were above that!""My Lord Sorin and Lord Drago I bring you both a message from Captain Kiraz" Sorin and Drago turned to address the messenger. "Captain Kiraz wishes to inform you that his cohort has captured Lady Ysabella." Sorin turned to Drago, who dismissed the messenger with a wave. Once the messenger left Sorin looked at Drago and said " She's up to something."

The End

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