The gatekeeper cleared his throat and began speaking: "Omniwarriors take missions from our Lower Plane Benevolence Department or LPBD, the department dedicated to promoting the twin virtues of love and justice throughout all of the universes, collectively known as the Omniverse. These missions can be as simple as preventing a tragedy befalling one man to saving a world from a catastrophe that would make your world war 2 look like  one man's stubbed toe."

Verlos interrupted at this point. "So, what's my first mission?"

The gatekeeper replied: "Ah, let's see..." He looked at a sort of angelic tablet and said, "Your mission is to go to Universe -" At this point the gatekeeper said a collection of sounds that couldn't qualify as words in almost any known language throughout the Omniverse. "Er... Let's just call it universe #1 for now, because it's the first universe besides your own n and the afterlife that you'll be going to . Anyway, your mission in universe #1 is to protect the forest of Eden, the ancestral home of the Edenese, from developers run by that world's mafia." Noticing Verlos's confused look, the gatekeeper said, "You think that's weird or overly silly." It was a statement rather than a question. "Then let me say this. The entire world of Universe #1 is run by the mafia, all except for the forest of Eden. Defeating the mafia here would strike a blow against their rule. Now, I think you've done enough loafing around, let's go, Mach Schnell, Gaian Worslern - Er, that was from a different universe than yours, sorry, sometimes I forget which language belongs to which universe. Anyway, you get the idea, move it!

With this, Verlos nodded and set off into his first adventure of his afterlife...

The End

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