Verlos was still absorbing the shock of the moment. He lived to a good age. He was getting older, and he realized that at some point, he would face the unknown, but this isn't exactly what he expected.

The Gatekeeper had stood in front of him, and the gatekeeper had taken care to explain to him the duties of the OmniWarrior, but the attention span of Verlos only caught so much. The  Gatekeeper could tell that Verlos was confused.

"Why did you agree to be an OmniWarrior if you did not understand what an OmniWarrior does?” said the Gatekeeper.

“Yeah, yeah… that was probably a big fault on my part. I heard the phrase ‘help people’ ,and I had no problem with helping, but can you explain it again?” Verlos asked.

“What questions do you want me to answer?” The Gatekeeper asked.

“What did you mean by ‘helping’? Like what is this? Am I helping a dead spirit be reconciled to the past. Am I doing an Ebenezer Scrooge routine? Am I freeing Spirits from a spirit prison? Am I intervening in human affairs? Am I fighting the devil? Do we just have our own problems up here to fix? Or down here? Or whatever.”

“Your language is not very polite,” the Gatekeeper noted.

“Yeah well I don’t really know what reality is anymore, so forgive me for being ‘improper.’” Verlos stated.

“I suppose I can let it go.” the Gatekeeper breathed the words out of his mouth in a disappointed fashion.

“So are you going to answer my question?” Verlos pressed.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Your question is a fair one. I shall explain it to you ONE MORE TIME!”

The End

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