Mission 1 StartMature

What is this work? Awesome, that's what it is.

When people die, certain things happen to them. They are first punished for any sins they might have willfully committed, then they are allowed to enjoy an eternity of pleasure, both sensual and intellectual. However, those who wish to help others can choose to become OmniWarriors, Adventurers who travel to multiple dimensions in order to prevent catastrophic events. This is one man's story.

He had been surprised to learn that he had an afterlife at all.

Verlos had had a normal life despite his strange name (His parents had insisted on the name for some reason). In his first life, he had done nothing of importance except love his wife, his kids, his dog, and humanity in general.

Verlos thought that when he died he wouldn't be going anywhere except the void. However, when he learned that not only was there an afterlife, it was almost everything his former life was not. Fair, just, and kind.

When he learned that he could help others not yet in this wonderful afterlife, he knew what he was going to do for a very long time.

So, he became an omniwarrior and set off on his first assingment...

The End

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