The after-effects of love

Remember the voice?

Remember the feeling?

Its all coming back now

In broken pieces.

Love is transcient.

Love is fake.

The only thing that is real, is the pain

Those long gone memories

And those long lost laughter,

The happiness that once was, is now a distant memory.

Now all that remains,

Is a hollow feeling.

A gnawing in the heart,

And a dull pain in the back of your head.

Oh, why did love happen? I ask myself

But the only answer I receive, is an ominous silence.

Those bitter-sweet moments,

Those flashes of insanity

Are all that remain.

She’s moved on now,

She’s happy now.

I’m left alone, to collect those thoughts after me.

She’s forgotten me

She doesn’t care anymore.

Her thoughts about me, are disappearing fast

Like dead leaves swept away by a cool winter breeze.

She’s with a new guy now, ever so happy

But I don’t hate her.

I guess that’s how things are supposed to be.

I give in to destiny, I give in to hope.

And pray and wish, that I end up in a better place.

The End

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