The ScarsMature

    People ask me about the scars, the ones on my knees, the one on my back.

I am never sure whether or not I should say

    The scar on my back is from a cigarette that my mother had been holding.

As for my knees? They're from falling, being pushed

    My brother and I had a very different relationship

It wasn't only my parents abusing us.

    He and I took our anger out on each other.

We'd get so mad, and things would go in a bad direction.

    He'd try strangling me, I'd hit him back, then he'd hit me

One of the two reasons my nose is so crooked

    The faded scar above my eye that very few notice? The one just passed my hairline?

A knife, one of our fights gone too far

    I am not proud of my violent childhood, heck, I was younger than ten.

It wont be repeated, ever, we have both changed. 

    Just the other day he told me he loved me

For the first time in over ten years.

The End

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