She glanced at her husband, and felt an instant constriction hit her solar plexus. It was like being dealt a blow from the inside out. Her immediate thought was of the overpowering desire, she felt, to wipe the smug look from his beautiful, sun-kissed face. The face she had once loved to distraction, but could no longer bear to be the first thing her eyes met in the morning.

Jeanie discretely freed her hand from Nick's. "Yes, red would be lovely," she heard herself say, as her thoughts lingered for a moment longer. Her eyes caught those of the attractive, young waiter, and he smiled encouragingly at Jeanie's playful stare. She felt her stomach lurch and wondered what excuse she would be using this time. Watching the waiter's confident retreat she realised she didn't much care.

"You look absolutely stunning, as always," Nick oozed, as he casually fingered a tendril of her cascading brunette hair that lay upon her ample breast. Entwining his fingers further he reached under the table and squeezed her toned thigh suggestively. It was at that moment that Jeanie lost her appetite. "How about we skip dessert and I have you instead?," Nick amusingly offered. His breath quickened as he licked his generous lips.

Jeanie nudged his hand from her thigh. She could picture him voicing that idea a thousand times over, and usually in the company of others. Most often silly blonde temps who creamed themselves simply because he had favoured them with his attention. Once, she knew, even an enthusiastically naive male sales rep. Jeanie knew her husband's sex drive was pretty high. What he didn't know was that his wife's languished on a greater peak.


The End

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