Act One, Scene Two

Scrolling text appears on the screen that says, ‘several years later.’ Light gradually fades back onto the screen; Darren and Marcie are seen walking through a shopping centre, holding hands affectionately.

Marcie: (holding her left hand close to here eyes, as if she were inspecting something) Oh Darren, I do love this ring! I can’t believe we’re finally getting married, who do you think we should invite to the wedding?’ (She puts her hand onto his shoulder and goes to kiss him, but he puts his hand out as if to block her)

Darren: (in shock) ‘Oh my god! Marcie, don’t look now, but-‘

Marcie: (interrupting) Darren! I was trying to kiss you… What is it?’ (She turns around to where Darren is looking). Oh my god!’

The camera pans left to the direction they are now both gawping; Malinda is seen sitting outside a shop alone, talking on her phone. She looks a mess, depressed and untidy. The past several years clearly haven’t been easy on her. She glances at them both, and then turns her head away as if she didn’t notice.

Darren: ‘God, she looks a mess.’ (Turning back towards Marcie) ‘What should we do, should we say hello or what? On second thought, remember what happened last time we saw her?’

Marcie: (she gulps and holds Darren’s hands) ‘She was my best friend for years, I can’t just-‘ (she turns her head in shame) ‘Look, we can’t just walk past and not say anything, she looks like she could do with a friend right now anyway, and besides that – I think she might have seen us’

Darren: ‘Marcie, what we did was awful! I’ve never been able to fully forgive myself.’

They hold hands once more and casually stroll over towards Malinda. She looks up at them both and smiles.

Darren: (suddenly in a jolly mood) Oh, Malinda! It’s been so long, how’ve you-‘

Malinda: (interrupting abruptly) ‘Darren! Oh my, I’ve missed-‘ (she remembers their last meeting). ‘Oh, Darren! What did I tell you? Get away from me this instant!’(She turns towards Marcie) ‘And you, I don’t know how you dare stand in my presence!’

Marcie opens her mouth to speak, but Malinda notices their joined hands and interrupts again.

Malinda: ‘I see you’re still together then… “Just a kiss”, of course.’ (She looks at Marcie’s hand, notices the ring and looks back at their faces) ‘Oh my god, and now I’m hearing wedding bells? Oh how perfect, I’m so happy for you both…’ (The sarcasm in her voice is too obvious).

Marcie: ‘Malinda, I am sorry – truly I am. But can’t you possibly be happy for us?’

Malinda: ‘Happy for you, how the hell can I be happy for you? Leave me alone. I said I never wanted to see you again, and I meant it. Good-bye. Oh, and congratulations.’ (She picks up a brown paper bag, flicks her hair back and once again, strolls away).

Darren and Marcie look at each other, the sympathy is overwhelming – Malinda is clearly the innocent one among them. They put their arms around each other and the light fades to darkness.

The End

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