The Affair

A screenplay about three young people; two girls and one boy who experience the tragedy of unfaithfulness.
-Not yet finished.


A children’s park is illuminated by the dusk-light; the camera does a full three hundred and sixty degree turn, while panning over the character’s faces. The process takes a matter of seconds, however each character is introduced properly. The scene ends with the camera zooming into a depressed-looking Malinda sitting alone, swinging back and forth on the swing set. The opening credits roll, and music is heard clearly and loudly.

Act One, Scene One:

Malinda is seen once more, this time surrounded by people; Darren is stood to the left, and Marcie is sitting on the swing to the right of them both – seen fiddling with her phone.

Malinda: (angrily) ’well, what do you two have to say for yourselves? For God’s sake! Put that phone down when I’m talking to you!’ (She snatches the phone from Marcie’s shaking hands).

Darren: ‘Malinda look,’ (he holds out his hand)’ I swear there’s nothing going on – you’re my only-‘ (pauses). ‘It… It was nothing, only a kiss’ (he bows his head in shame). ‘Malinda please, it… It meant nothing.’

Malinda: (with growing anger) ‘I don’t know how you have the cheek to even-‘ (sighs).’I thought we were a couple, I thought I meant something to you!’  (Turning towards Marcie) ‘And what about you, what do you have to say? You call yourself a best friend? You’re pathetic!’

Marcie’s shaking is getting worse; she turns towards Darren for an answer, but he remains unmoved by her fragile state.

Malinda: (Still looking at Marcie, she clears her throat). ‘Well go on then, what do you have to say?’ (Glaring at her) ‘Don’t you dare just sit there and look innocent. After what you two have been up to, innocence is something I certainly wouldn’t expect to find on you!’

Marcie: (pleading) ‘Oh Malinda, please understand that I didn’t mean any-‘ (she hesitates) ‘I just didn’t, I…’ (She bows her head, unable to look Malinda in the eyes). ‘It was just a kiss Malinda, you see? It was just a kiss.’

Malinda: (impersonating Marcie) ‘Just a kiss, it was just a kiss…’ (She looks at Darren, then back at Marcie) Well you two can kiss all you want now, can’t you?

Darren: (knowing too well what she means) ‘Well what- what do you mean?’ (He goes to kiss Malinda, but she pushes him away)

Malinda: ‘Don’t you come anywhere near me Darren, or Lord help me! I know too well that it wasn’t “just a kiss”, so you can both shove it!’ (She looks specifically at Darren with an undoubtedly sarcastic smile) ‘And as for you, we’re through! And this time I mean it. You’ve got an hour to collect your things from the house, or they’re going out the window! And don’t think I wouldn’t because-‘

Marcie: (Interrupting abruptly) ‘Oh Malinda please, don’t take it out on him! It was all me! It really was.’ (She turns towards Darren) ‘Tell her Darren, tell her it was me – I’m the one who got jealous. Oh Darren, I’m so sorry.’

Darren looks around helplessly, first at Marcie, then at Malinda. He doesn’t speak a word.

Malinda: (now speaking directly to Marcie)Oh shut up you whiney little runt, I don’t care! The point is that he cheated on his girlfriend; he broke his promise to me. How the hell could I ever trust him again?’ (Grabbing Marcie’s wrist) ‘Oh, but don’t think you’re getting out that easy; I don’t want anything to do with either of you! To be perfectly honest Marcie, I never really took a liking to you anyway.’

The camera zooms out of the park, and Malinda is seen strolling away – with each footstep that hits the curb, another one of Darren’s dreams are crushed; he knows that their relationship is over. The music begins to play once more, Marcie and Darren are seen hugging and the light gently fades to complete darkness.

The End

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