Vampires, check. Werewolves, duh. Witches . . . ok. Wizards, nope you've lost me. Modern day setting . . . yeah, no, not happening.

In a world where this is the everyday world Michael Morgan has to deal with, High School is almost too much to deal with. When a new student, a Wizard no less, arrives, Michael doesn't expect much from the introvert.

However, just across the "pond", turmoil erupts as a new Lord of a major Wizard House is crowned. As Nathan Heridare slowly solidifies his power


            Nathan Heridare was awoken by a pounding at his door. He had fallen asleep the previous night to the soothing qualities of centennial brandy, over whose empty bottle he now stumbled, to stop the noise which was causing his head to pound with the same strength.

            After finally making it to the door, he threw it open and shouted at the House Guard who stood outside, “WHAT?!” and then cringed at the loudness of his own voice.

            “Sir, two Aelfs have been spotted leaving the Aelflin.”


It only took a quick spell to clear his head, but that was all the time he was willing to waste on himself. He raced out of Manor, down the steps with his robe flapping, four House Guards in their immaculate black suits flanking him, and took off running across the prairie towards the two figures in the distance. Other than the annual Market Days, the Aelfs never left their forest, their Aelflin. Yet there they were.

Of the two, one was a man, one was a woman, and both were carrying heavy packs. The man was wearing a strangely familiar black cloak and trousers. Behind him was the woman, who was wearing the more familiar garb of the Aelfs, tight deerskin leggings, pale linen shirt, and hooded green cloak. Both were obviously Aelfs, identified by two things; they were running at speeds that surpassed even the fastest Vampires and Werewolves, and the bow shaped swords that they wore in scabbards at their hips.

Although he and his guards were running at full speed, they were quickly losing the chase. “They’re getting away! Stop them!” Nathan shouted, trying to get guards to do something useful. One by one, they’re eyes lost focus, and they started mouthing to themselves. Although the air around him crackled with energy, nothing was happening. ‘Of course! They’re bloody immune to magic!’ Nathan thought to himself.

At once, Nathan began focusing on the humming power within himself, and his vision began to narrow, until all he could see were the two distant figures. As he mouthed the words to himself, he felt the air crackle, and begin to smell of ozone. As the electricity in the air built, he exerted the force that would direct it towards his targets. In an instant, the bolt of lightning came into existence fifty feet above him and raced away. “Dodge that” he whispered.

As the lightning shot forward, so fast it barely registered on his vision, he saw something inconceivable. The Aelfs stopped, and the man suddenly thrust his arms forward and the lightning halted before it hit him! The man relaxed his arms and then, in one graceful movement, brought his arm back and then whipped it forward as if throwing something. Apparently he was throwing back the bolt of pure electricity as it leapt now towards him at a speed far faster than before.

Nathan dove to the ground and as he again looked up, he saw the lightning fork into four smaller bolts, and hit his guards. As one they tumbled to the ground still moving forward as their momentum carried them.

As he jumped up, he saw the Aelfs approaching the suburbs of Borderton, one of the border cities which catered to the transient merchants who visited once a year to barter with the Aelfs, and whose lights lit up the landscape; an obvious target for those who wanted to lose any pursuers.

That Aelf shouldn’t’ve been able to redirect that lightning. Only a powerful wizard would’ve been able to redirect it, and few in the world are powerful enough in the world to stop any of my magic. Nathan thought to himself.

 Again as looked to the two Aelfs in the distance, and down at his now unconscious House Guards, he reconsidered chasing two, obviously hostile, targets by himself. As his breathing slowed, he became more observant of his surroundings. At the extreme range of his hearing, he could discern a distant chattering, rumbling, noise, as if there were a crowd of people nearby.

About a mile away, where prairie grass abruptly changed to dense forest, trees over two hundred feet tall.  As he tried to focus specifically towards where the source of the noise was, he discovered that the noise was coming from a crowd of Aelfs standing at the border of their forest. Though there at least a few hundred of them, they all seemed to be looking in the same direction, past him and towards the city.

As Nathan looked in the same direction as they, he saw the two Aelfs he had been chasing vanish behind a distant sky-scraper in downtown Borderton. The moment he looked away though, the noise that originally had drawn his look stopped. He glanced back quickly, only to see that the crowd of Aelfs had vanished, and all that was left was a single Aelf.

This Aelf, a male, was more richly clothed than average Aelfs. He wore a forest green suit, an attempt to mimic human fashion which failed, as the style was a hundred years out of date. His black hair blew out behind him as the wind picked up. He finally turned his gaze from the city to stare at Nathan. That stare, which was filled with both dark fury and black sorrow, seemed to peer into his very soul.

As he began to speak, his expression turned demanding. When he spoke, the strange whistling language that was dominantly consonants and used only by the Aelfs, he only spoke a few words, and although Nathan did not know Aelven, he still understood the message.

“Chase them”

He then promptly spun around and leapt to some unseen branch behind him and was gone. The only sound on that quiet landscape was the chirping of crickets, and the beginning of the dawn chorus, as the sky to east brightened.

Nathan once more glanced to the city, ‘What is going on?’

The End

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