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Touching the back of his hand lightly against a different door handle so as to test whether or not it was safe to proceed into the room, Tobias was delighted to find that the second door he had tried to get through did not conceal flames waiting on the other side to burn him alive.

The door opened a lot more easily that the pervious had, and as the room was revealed, Tobias was shocked to see the good condition it was it. No fire or smoke had reached this room, and Tobias took several deep breaths of the clean air before entering, allowing the smoke from the corridor to follow him, polluting the otherwise pristine room.

Quickly scanning the décor of the room, Tobias spotted exactly what he wanted in a corner of the room. On top of the small table which Tobias had his eye on, a small phone and a vase of flowers were arranged beautifully. Tobias ignored the presentation and swept the decorations off the table, picking it up by one of the legs with his right hand, completely pain free, but a little surprised at the weight of such a small table.

Still able to lift it, however, Tobias left the room and made his way over to the huge window, which was directly blocked off by the staircase. A small window sill lay in front of it, and Tobias realised he would be small enough to climb on the banister for support, then on to the window sill, in the hope of breaking the glass and climbing or jumping out.

Doing just that, Tobias pushed the table over his head, which was difficult with just one hand, but just about managed it. The small table was now balanced precariously on the window sill, but Tobias was confident it would stay put until he was able to get up there and use it.

Reaching up with his right hand and grasping the edge of the window sill, deliberately far away from the table, so as not to topple and lose it, Tobias held himself up as he lifted his legs to balance them on the staircase’s banister, which he quickly tested for its strength, eager to avoid a repetition of the previous incident. It seemed to hold, and so, as quickly as he could, Tobias pulled himself up with his arm and pushed with his legs, pulling himself up slowly. Tobias was light, but he also lacked upper body strength, like most nine-year-olds, and it was difficult enough without use of his left hand, which was still stinging.

Ignoring the pain, however, and realising that this pain was only an important part of Tobias quest to live, he lifted his left arm up, placing his hand next to his right, ignoring the pain and wincing to avoid letting out a scream. As quickly as he could, Tobias lifted himself up onto the window sill, taking the weight off his left hand as soon as possible, then blowing on it lightly in the hope of removing the pain. Eventually, it dulled, but for several moments, which had Tobias just sat on the edge of the window sill ignoring the fire, the pain was all he could feel.

As the pain subsided, Tobias got up to his feet, grasping the table with his painless right hand. Looking out through the window, it was hard to make anything out in the dark, but Tobias could just see the ground. He was on the first floor, as he had suspected, but that still meant a fall of several metres – certainly enough to break some bones.

Bringing the table back, building himself up for the escape, Tobias took a deep breath, and somehow managed to inhale a little more air than simply smoke. It gave him courage, and made him feel as if he could go on. And he could.

Bringing the table, which seemed to be heavier now, back behind his shoulder, Tobias had to quickly steady himself on the thin ledge so as not to fall back and roll once more down the stairs, which would this time end in death, undoubtedly.

The table was behind Tobias’ back now, and with a firm swing, he brought it firmly forwards, connecting with the glass and sending it shattering outwards, before the oxygen from outside burst into the room, intensifying the flames and sending Tobias shooting backwards, away from the window, through the flames, and back into the hallway, where a fire was now violently raging.

He went limp.

The End

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