The LastMature

Tobias struggled to come to terms with the fact that the man who he had been running from and hearing so many bad things about was Gifted. To kill the Gifted people when he himself was one was unexplainable and inexcusable. There seemed to be no logical reason. But a murderer needed no logical reason to do what he may.

The Dark man had crawled back to his corner, obviously leaving Tobias to contemplate the truth he had just provided him with. Maybe the Dark man wished to continue the rest of his disgusting monologue a little later when his audience would not be so shocked and overwhelmed and distracted by something else.

Although the silence reigned supreme through the room, Tobias couldn’t help but feel screamed at by the echoing words that the Dark man had uttered what seemed like an eternity ago, but could not have been more than five or ten minutes.

‘I wish to be the last.’ What did that mean? For all of his apparent hate for the Gifted, why would he be proud to be so? Tobias tried to recall anything and everything he had said before the Dark man had slinked back to his corner, but it all seemed overpowered by the strength of those words…

‘I wish to be the last.’

Tobias assumed that it meant that the Dark man was killing the Gifted so as to be known as the last Gifted man on the planet. It seemed like an impossible goal to strive for, and it probably was. There was no way that he could possible find everybody, and the more Gifted people he killed, the harder it would be to find another. The hunt would surely take up all of his life, and probably consume it.

The Last of the Gifted. The hope is futile.

The Voices spoke up for the second time since Tobias found himself a prisoner of the Dark man. The hope was futile, the Voices confirmed it. Surely they were not giving up on the idea that the Dark man could not overpower every single Gifted individual on the planet. No single human could find all the people with this invisible gift in one lifetime. Although it seemed scarce, there was no chance of finding everybody. Tobias silently hoped that this was the case. The Voices did not share those wishes, however. They threw them to the wind, abandoning hope at such a time when it was so crucial.

‘You hear that. The Last of the Gifted. I am the last one.’

The Dark man broke the silence, making Tobias suddenly feel very uncomfortable. The interval in this sick show was over, and act two was beginning with a monologue of hate.

‘You’re not the Last of the Gifted. Not yet.’

‘No, not yet. You are right. But they themselves admit that hope is futile.’

Tobias found it hard to kindle the fire in his heart when hope was being doused all around him. He knew that he needed to stop the Dark man to survive, but when faced with the challenge, he could not possibly stop him. The Voices confirmed it, and the more and more Tobias thought about the terrible situation he was in, the more and more it became the inconvenient and unacceptable truth. The Dark man would become the figure of legends. The Last of the Gifted would prevail, and whilst he could not share his secret, he would be able to hold the truth in his vain heart. For that’s what this was truly about. He was simply seeking the title. The title that meant all the other Gifted people in the world must die for him to rightfully possess. And hope was futile.

Tobias looked over to Danielle, who was in the exact same position as she had been in when Tobias had arrived here, or at least since he had woken up. The two of them were the only two who knew of the threat the Dark man posed. He appeared to be weak, but he was strong, and motivated, and would not stop until he achieved his unholy goal.

Leaning slightly to the right, Tobias rested his head on Danielle’s shoulder, which was a little higher than he cared to stretch, but comforting nonetheless. For a moment the three of them sat in silence: the two truly Gifted, and the villain.

The Dark needs you.

Tobias listened to the message the Voices had to send. It was obvious that the Dark man did need Tobias, but only for a matter of mere weeks, maybe even just days. Before long, he would have shared all the information he knew, which was little, due to his inexperience with the Voices and the Gifted, after which Tobias would join the dead Gifted. One of the first, he would certainly be, but surely not the last. The Dark man would see to it.

The End

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