Alone, Except...Mature

Danielle was no longer hooked up to any monitors, not even a drip or anything like that. As soon as she was allowed, she demanded they be removed. She hated things poking into her, and the lack of wires and tubes made everything easier when she decided to open the window.

She had gotten up very little over the last few days, but now she was free to do as she pleased. Although the room was stuffy, Danielle had another motive to letting some air in. Sliding the window open, she kept a keen eye out – which was hard from the height she found herself – in the hope that she would see Tobias. He obviously wasn’t coming back to see her. Fifteen minutes is too long for a young boy to take to cool off, even for a young boy in Tobias’ situation.

The car park was relatively devoid of people, but packed with cars, the owners of which were causing the hospital to burst at the seams, simply for the reason of their own peace of mind.

Danielle was glad that she had few people aware of her hospital trip, because she didn’t want to have to deal with constant visitors. At first, she had been a little reluctant to encourage Tobias to be her visitor, but after they had bonded so well, and their secrets had been revealed, she was glad he was one of only three people who knew she was here, one of which was out of the country, the other being her mother, who Danielle had made insist that she wouldn’t visit. She had reluctantly obliged.

Tobias was unfortunately and yet fortunately nowhere to be seen, indicating to Danielle that either he had been picked up – much to her disappointment – or he was waiting downstairs and would return shortly. She hoped for the latter.

The Voices had adapted to be a little quieter, so as not to distract Danielle when she was busy. She could still hear them, but it was now a lot easier to ignore them.

The wind was sweeping through the room, and blew the cover violently off the bed and onto the back wall, where it stuck for a second, then fell to the ground. Danielle didn’t even look round, she just closed her eyes and soaked in the sunlight, letting the breeze blow the hair from her forehead.

It flicked against her ears, the cool air from outside, amplified by the height of the window, and the accompanying noise from the wind blocked out any other sounds. The sound of traffic nearby, the birds singing through the sky, the Voices trying to communicate.

One noise nearby, however, was not ignored by Danielle. Although only silent, barely creating any noise at all, Danielle sensed that something in the room had changed. Turning around, she saw the door handle of her room twist slowly, the door opening, the person on the other side trying not to let the wind rip the door from their grasp.

Tobias had returned to talk. Danielle was overcome with relief.

The End

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