Early DaysMature

Danielle called after Tobias, expecting that he would just be waiting outside the door, eager to return to their conversation, and he had only left to get some fresh air or some privacy whilst he composed himself.

She could understand how he felt. She had been little older than he when she had first heard the Voices in her mind. But now, not only was she having to help somebody else come to terms with the permanent state they found themselves in, but she also had to avoid letting the Dark sneak up on her again, despite being confined to this hospital bed.

Tobias was right. The Voices had got the two of them into this trouble, and it was somewhat ironic that they should chose him to stop the Dark when it would be easier not to find him at all, saving himself and not allowing another host be attacked.

As far as she could remember, there was never anything threatening about the Voices. No mention of anything that aimed to kill the Gifted, at least not when she was growing up. For some reason, things were changing now. The killer was targeting the Gifted, and he was winning so far.

One dead that Danielle knew of, but she had also been attacked. She hadn’t heard anything else about the killings either from the papers or from the Voices, and that was reassuring, seeing as the Voices seemed somewhat omniscient.

The Voices had always acted as a somewhat shady conscience to Danielle. They had helped her through some hard times, not with compassion – an emotion that they seemed to reject – but with simple orders. In an odd way, she had tried to avoid negative thoughts in fear that the Voices would pick up on them and be cruel to her. Granted that they probably couldn’t hear their minds and thoughts, let alone control them, but she had always held a kind of respectful fear towards them, because somehow they knew best.

It was obviously too early in his Gifted timeline for Tobias to have realised that what the Voices have to say holds large amounts of relevance to the lives of their hosts, as it had taken Danielle a long time to grasp as well. However, she had had a lot more time to feel her way around her own mind, whereas the Voices seemed to be demanding too much of Tobias, causing him to grow up a little too quickly for his liking, and it made Danielle too feel uncomfortable.

She could understand his frustration, and wished that he would come back so that she could help him get through this. The Voices were not making things easier for either of them. For one thing, they were the reason that they were being targeted by an unidentified serial killer to be. The second reason was that the Voices weren’t actually making it any easier to come to terms with.

The End

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