‘The Dark is killing Gifted people? Actually killing them!’ Tobias was scared now, because ever since first talking to Danielle, he knew he was Gifted. Although it had been a privilege at first, Tobias now realised the danger of carrying the title. He was going to be killed if he didn’t stop the Dark. Obviously it was a real person, a man, ‘who remains unidentified’, but Tobias didn’t know what this man looked like. He could be anybody, and Tobias could be next.

‘All this time, you’ve been babbling on about stopping the Dark, saving the Gifted, but you’ve not once told me how to do it! What do you want me to do?!’

The Voices were remaining silent. Tobias was scared, and they were the cause of that. If they weren’t here, Tobias’ life would not be in such danger. They had gotten him into his, but they weren’t going to get him out, it seemed.

You will help those who remain.

‘At this rate nobody is going to survive, let alone me. If the Dark man finds out that I’m the one supposed to stop him, he’ll come after me first!’

You will help those who remain.

‘How many remain?’

Silence. Obviously Tobias didn’t need to know how many to save, let alone how to save them.

‘How many remain, I said!’

Silence once more.

Tobias went back to the paper. No pictures, the article was a minor one after all, but you’d think that somebody saw what had happened. Apparently only one person did, and they didn’t get a good look at the killer. That made everything harder. Surely the Voices knew who they were dealing with. Surely they could provide a description, location, anything.

They seemed not to be reading his mind, for they remained silent. They had spoken very little in the last twenty-four hours or so. Ever since the hospital, they had done little. Was it something to do with Danielle?

The End

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