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Ahead was the elevator, and it seemed to be the only way to continue through the hospital without doubling back on himself. The Voices had said nothing since Tobias had left the bathroom, and so he had assumed that they simply wanted him to continue walking down this corridor. He did so, and it was now that they spoke.

Fifth floor.

Obviously he needed to use the elevator to get to where he needed to be, where the Voices wanted him to be, where this unknown woman was dying.

The Voices echoed in his mind.

She is dying. She needs to see you. You need to see her.

This was something to do with the Dark, no doubt, and although Tobias was reluctant to get involved again, for fear of the repercussions it may have on his family relationships, he was not going to let anybody die. It was most likely out of his hands, but he needed to do something. Something to help the woman that needed to see Tobias before she died.

Tobias firmly pressed the button to the fifth floor, and watched the doors close, leaving him alone in the lift. If any hospital personnel saw him now, he’d need a good story about why he’s on his own. To cover himself, he asked the Voices a question, initiating a conversation between them for one of the first times, as far as he could recall.

‘What room number am I going to?’

She is dying. She needs to see you. You need to see her.

‘What room is she in? What’s her name, at least?’

She is dying. She needs to see you. You need to see her.

Tobias gave up. He would just have to hope that nobody questioned him.

The elevator made a loud beep sound, and the doors slid slowly open, into another hallway that Tobias could have been certain that was the floor he had just left, had he not seen the sign reading ‘Fifth Floor’ on the wall to his right.


‘Right.’ Tobias waited for further instruction, but left the elevator, so as not to travel with it when somebody else in the building called it.


The Voices repeated themselves, and Tobias then realised that that was an instruction. Turn right. Tobias did so, and laughed to himself a little.

Three steps around the corner, Tobias was confronted by his worst nightmare. Interrogation.

‘Hello, where are you going? This area is restricted to patients and visitors only. May I ask which room you are going to?’

The blonde nurse looked older than his mother, and certainly not friendly nor merciful. What she was doing in a hospital, taking care of people, Tobias couldn’t tell.

In a subtle response to the nurse, but also a question to the Voices, Tobias repeated the question he had just been asked. Hopefully the Voices would respond with either a room number or a name.

‘What room am I going to?’

The nurse nodded. Tobias let the silence drag on as he pretended to be trying to remember, but he was really just pleading silently to the Voices, hoping for a response.

In the few seconds of pause, Tobias breathed a sigh of hopelessness as he realised the Voices were not going to answer. As he was about to confess to the nurse that he was just wandering around, he breathed another sigh, this time of relief.

Room 509. Danielle Chalmes.

‘I’m going to room 509.’

‘Great, thanks. Do you know where it is?’

‘I’m sure I can find it, thanks.’

The nurse went on her way, and Tobias breathed out again.


Tobias obeyed, and entered a small hospital room, the number on the door reading 509. Danielle Chalmes’ room.

Tobias took a moment to think about the Voices. They hadn’t answered Tobias’ questions when he had asked, but as soon as the knowledge that would benefit Tobias had any effect on the Voices and the things they were asking of Tobias, they shared the information. They seemed reluctant to tell anybody anything unless it was necessary. But Tobias had known that almost from the start.

He was just now coming to terms with the fact that he was basing what he did on the Voices’ demands, and he was a little irritated that they were not being as trusting towards him as he was being towards them. But that was the unfair situation he found himself in.

Putting thoughts of the Voices behind him, Tobias took in the room he was now in. Closing the door behind him, he looked from the open window to the empty walls, to the bland bed, to the patient lying inside it.

Danielle Chalmes had a breathing mask on, which Tobias was able to recognise due to his mother’s enjoyment for hospital programmes. She appeared to be either asleep or unconscious. A large bandage covered the lower right of her torso.

Tobias was reluctant to find out what the situation was with Danielle, but knew that it was important to the Voices, to the Gifted, and to the end of the Dark.

That made it important to Tobias.

The End

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