A Sympathetic SideMature

Baptist’s Hospital. This is the place where Tobias and his family made their next stop. Tobias wasn’t quite sure why they were here. None of them, Tobias, his mother, his father, none of them was hurt. Except maybe mentally and emotionally. But no hospital could cure those things.

Tobias was almost reluctant to leave the car as they parked, but he knew that his parents were likely to go in without him if he stayed in the car. Maybe they wouldn’t even notice that he was gone.

As the car was still, Tobias watched his father open his door and head towards the entrance of the hospital. He stormed ahead without looking back once. But it was different. Tobias’ mother had not accompanied him. She was waiting in the car with her son, seemingly indecisive as to whether she should follow her husband or stay here with her son.

After a few short seconds, during which Tobias fought the temptation to try to converse with his distraught mother, she seemed to come to a decision regarding her stance in the situation, and opened her passenger door, exiting the car. But, much to Tobias’ confusion and surprise, she did not proceed straight towards the hospital, where her husband was no longer visible, obviously having entered the hospital alone. She closed her door, and for a moment, looked away from Tobias, and toward the country road that surrounded the small but always busy medical building.

Tobias watched the back of her head, expecting her to, in a moment, turn and face the hospital, ignoring her son and begin walking after her husband. And turn she did. But leave she did not.

She looked to her son, into his eyes, pulling an apologetic expression, as if it would make the Voices leave them all alone. Because although the Voices were only directly talking and interacting with Tobias, the Voices were indirectly effecting the entire family. And this was tearing them apart.

Tobias’ mother’s hand reached out to the door handle, pulling the passenger door open to let the fresh air brush gently against Tobias’ face, blowing his hair lightly back from his face. Tobias could now see the hint of red in his mother’s eyes, indicating that she had been silently crying in the front seat, unbeknownst to her son, and seemingly ignored by her husband. The family were all taking this in different ways. She seemed to be taking it the hardest, emotionally. Tobias’ father seemed to be trying to hold himself together, as if the news had not affected him at all. But Tobias knew that it had, and that if he had kept the secret to himself, his father would not be behaving in such a manner as this.

Tobias took his mother’s hand, which she was holding out, and he got out of the car, both of them completely silent. The wind half-blew the door shut behind Tobias, and he did the rest of the work, looking up to his mother, then back to the hospital, the reason for its presence here remaining unknown to him.

Using her other hand to brush away a late-coming tear, Tobias’ mother led her son into the hospital, where he once again faced a busy waiting room. Alone, once more, Tobias eagerly anticipated the reasoning behind his visit here, and how it would determine the next few days, and his parents’ attitudes towards him.

The End

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