The Gifted are all the ones that are like us.

Tobias had been curious as to what the Voices were asking of him, and he wanted to know everything. His curious mind was buzzing with fascination, and he had been asking questions at every opportunity, probably making the Voices feel quite uncomfortable with the need to divulge every ounce of information at their disposal. But Tobias was certain that if he was intending to help the Voices save themselves, he had the right to know as much as they did, for his own safety.

‘What are you?’ Tobias asked, eager for more information.

We are the Gifted, victims of the Dark.

‘But what are the Gifted? What is the Dark?’ Tobias was growing frustrated at having to ask the same questions again and again, and yet receiving the same annoyingly cryptic answers.

We are the Gifted, victims of the Dark.

‘I know that. You keep saying that. I want to help you, but I need to know how I need to help you! How are you Gifted, and what is the Dark?!’

The Voices didn’t answer. Maybe Tobias had scared them away from him. Maybe they didn’t like all his questions; the way that he wasn’t following and obeying them without question must have been almost as frustrating as the situation Tobias found himself in. Tobias silently prayed that they would leave him alone now, maybe they’d move on, find somebody else. But this fantasy was short-lived, as the Voices quickly resurfaced, even louder than before.

You are a Gifted. If you do not accept this, you too will fall victim to the Dark.

‘Is this why you want me? Because I’m Gifted, and I can save all of you…’

We need you because you are Gifted.

‘Okay.’ Tobias wanted to ask how exactly he was Gifted, but he couldn’t prepare himself for nor deal with the stream of confusing and codeword answers that would no doubt follow and accompany any more questions he asked.

Maybe in time, Tobias would find out how he was Gifted, and how the Voices were Gifted, what the Dark was, and how he could stop it. Would Tobias be a victim of the Dark like all the other Gifted seemed to be? Tobias silently prayed that all would be revealed, some time very soon.

The End

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