We need you.

‘I know you do…’ Tobias had dragged his bedside table in front of his bedroom door. He didn’t want anybody coming to disturb the important conversation he was about to undergo.

We need you.

‘I don’t know what you want me to do. Please, just leave me alone…’

Tobias wanted to help the Voices more and more with each passing second. Every time he considered it, his assistance seemed more and more necessary, both to the Voices and to himself. He just wanted to be rid of them. Maybe that would be easier if he just did what they said. Or maybe he should just ignore them and they’d go away.

We’re not leaving. We need you.

They didn’t understand. Whoever or whatever they were. The Voices didn’t understand what it was like for him.

We need you. Stop the Dark.

‘What’s the Dark…?’ Tobias was asking more out of curiosity – out of desperation for an explanation. Surely, if he understood why the Voices were talking to him, he could understand the Voices themselves, and would no longer be afraid of them. If he knew what he needed to save them from, if he knew what the Dark was, maybe he would want to help…

We need you. Stop the Dark.

‘What is the Dark?!’ Tobias shouted as loudly as he could, so that the Voices would reply, and so that he himself knew he was talking, due to the increasing volume of the Voices in his head.

A threat. It is responsible for this. Stop the Dark, and we will be free.

'Who will be free?’ Tobias leapt at the word. He had always considered himself to be free. He had learnt about and read about all types of people who weren’t free, and he didn’t match the descriptions of any of them, but now, he understood freedom as something totally different, and he was sure that he did not fit that description. The Voices were holding him prisoner, and he wanted freedom, as he knew it.

All of us. Our kind. The Gifted.

Tobias was being tortured by these Voices, only so he would save them? That sounded very strange. They didn’t seem to understand what they were making him feel like. They wanted freedom, but so did he. They didn’t understand that.

If you help us, if you stop the Dark, if you free the Gifted, you too will be free.

Tobias had been cradling his head in his hands, and had been holding his legs tightly to his body, as if this could help him achieve freedom. But now he unclenched and loosened himself. Looking to nothing in particular, but somehow searching for the source of the Voices, as if it were something or somewhere in this very room, Tobias’ ears perked up. This seemed like a good reason to obey and help the Voices. For his own sanity, for his own peace of mind.

For his own freedom, Tobias would help the Voices.

The End

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