The AdversaryMature

The Sewers of Istanbul are quite an odd place for boiling hot lava to be flowing freely, wouldn't you agree?  But there I was nonetheless, standing on the dirty stone walkway which lined the edge of the tunnel.  Lava flowed down the middle, but was presently halted by a concrete dam.  The dam rose high in the tunnel, leaving only about 8 feet of clearance between it and the arched brick cieling.  A slender figure dressed in black leather and a cape stood atop the dam, regarding me with a smirk.  The red-orange river was reflected by his shades.

"Looks like you're out of luck, my friend.  My work is done.  You will soon be consumed by this firey sea, which continues to rise by the minute."

I considered him, but said nothing.  I glanced back at the river of magma and observed that it was indeed rising.  I didn't have much time.  I made my move, and before my adversary could wipe the smirk off of his face, I'd scaled the arched wall and flung myself on top of the dam.  I kicked him swiftly in the chest, sending him into the wall behind him.  He rebounded quickly and threw a punch.  I dodged it, grabbing his arm in the process.  On the other side of the dam, lava also flowed, but the drop was considerably greater in height than what I had just scaled.  His arm in hand, I flung my adversary over me and down into the river, far below.  I watched as the shape disappeared into the firey abyss.

Beyond the river, I spotted a stone stairwell that presumably led to the surface.  I needed to get there fast, but I had to find a way down first.  I spied a grooved ledge on the wall to my right.  It lined the arched wall, all the way down to the walkway.  It was dangerous, but I had no other choice.  I jumped, gripping onto the ledge for dear life.  I edged gently along until I was a safe jumping distance from the walkway.  I swung, landed with dexterity, then took off toward the stairwell.

I was nearly there when I heard a gasping behind me.  I snapped my head backward to see my adversary climbing slowly from the lava.  Shit.  This wasn't good, but I couldn't stick around and gawk.  I took off at twice my previous speed as my adversary brushed the firey substance from his leather garb. 

I charged up the stairs, and to my vast relief I saw sunlight ahead.  I burst through a vaulted archway and found myself in the middle of a bustling bazaar.  I looked around for half a second, then took off through the market place.  I pushed through groups of bearded merchants in red togas, wealthy dukes and thanes from afar, Arabian rug makers, and numerous other patrons and visitors of the bazaar.

I didn't chance a look back, though I knew my adversary would be hot on my tail within minutes.  He was a dangerous foe, and I was keen to avoid a head-on conflict with him.  I had no idea where he was from or who sent him, but apparently his boss really wanted me dead.  It's true that I was an American fugitive, but I saw no reason for them to chase me around in Europe and the Middle East.

I spotted two figures to my left.  A boy and a girl; teenagers by their looks.  They wore black just as I and my adversary did.  They saw me and beckoned to me.  I rushed over in speed.  The girl spoke in an urgent tone.

"Follow us, we can help you."

"Who are you?  How can I trust you?"

She grabbed my arm, "Questions later, follow me."

They turned and led me into the square of Hagia Sophia.  All the while they watched the people around us for suspicious activity.  We came to the entrance of the great mosque.

"Right, in we go," said the girl, "It is big enough to kept us safely hidden for some time."

We entered, and the teens led me through a maze of corridors and display cases.  We rounded many corners, seeing almost no one around.  We came to a black wooden door, and the girl produced a key from her pocket.  She swiftly unlocked the door and entered, only to stop dead in shock.

There in the room, looking casually out the window, was my adversary, unscathed and just as strong as before.  He turned and grinned.

"Good, you brought friends."

The End

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