Just more nuts, bolts and a few other metallic odds and ends were pulled out of the box. Boring. Boring shiny things. Boring Leif. This was no way near as exciting as a nap in the mid-day sun would have been but maybe Mr Tinkles could still salvage his day by toying with the boys things .

A little steel pole would be his first victim.

Mr Tinkles pranced under Leifs bed, crouched down and started to waggle his rear end in the air. He always wondered why he signaled attacks like this. Sort of gives it away really.

He bounded out from the shadows.  Legs flying forward, his eyes flicked up checked to see if he was being watched. Instead of seeing the boy's annoyed face, he saw it! a tiny little clockwork bird sat in the palm  of his hand.
Mr tinkles wrenched his body round. Changing direction mid-jump and leaped once more towards the little bird.

Leif gasped and his hand shot behind his back when he felt the prick of tiny fangs sink into his palm. He glared at the cat, appalled. Mr Tinkles had only ever just given him a bit of a giggle, never a bite or scratch. And the little bird was gone!

"Damn you Tinkles! where's my ..."

The clockwork bird was in Mr Tinkles mouth, flying. Little blue sparks fell off the wingtips and circled the cat resting on the tips of his whiskers.

Then he spoke.

"Hello Leif, i'm afraid i haven't been able to introduce myself properly. However right now we do not have time, we are going on an adventure boy. "

The End

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