The curtain!
An emerald green, velvet curtain, the perfect place for a princess in an emerald green dress to hide.

'Miss Jarvis!
Please! we have been at this all day, please let the men rest, they grow tired of your games'

The curtain rippled and out stepped a young girl with a very large pout on her face.

'oh Everett. You're such a bore. I need something to do. There is nothing around here, and father never lets me go out. I want to do something exciting! like fighting dragons and slaying vicious beasts!'

And she was off, running down the corridor jabbing at the air with an invisible sword. The senior guard Everett sighed and jogged after her. He often forgot what it was like looking after young children, all his had grown up and left home now. He didn't mean to become a personal baby sitter for the royal family, he just happened to be on duty guarding the families rather over sized river house that was just out side the city, when young princess Angelique became too much for the nannies in the castle. She was then sent over to the river house to run free and get the wild ideas out of her head before she gets forced to marry or serve the kingdom. She grew a strange liking for the guard and ever since then Everett has been assigned as her personal guard, advisor and baby sitter.
Everett didn't dislike her, he just wished she would be a little less energetic. It was tiring chasing after a 9 year old princess all the time.

A ball of emerald and red-gold hair was tightly curled up on one of the benches by the river. Everett was afraid of this, he hated seeing Angelique cry. But none the less he wandered over and sat beside her on the bench.

why doesn't father visit anymore?'

He looked down at her and frowned.

'The king is a very busy man, Miss Jarvis.'

'I know, but i never see him. It makes me sad. We used to have dinner all the time, Father, Mother and my sisters and Levi. I don't even see him on weekends'

'It is sad miss, but there is nothing i can do, i'm sorry'

'But, Everett. There is something you can do!'

Angelique's face lit up with the glow of life once again.

'You can teach me to slay monsters and defend towns people, just like in legends'

'Well... i don't know about slaying things, but i can teach you to wield a sword. But, under two conditions'

She looked at him suspiciously


'One. You can't tell anyone, i don't think the King would approve of you learning to fight. And two. No more hide and seek!'

Angelique laughed and grinned at Everett

'You've got yourself a deal. It'll be our little secret'

The End

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