The Adventurous Melka

Melka, feline, born to be different (or normal) enjoys the life's misfortunes

The Adventurous Melka.


Desperate for an understanding Melka began his story with an unusual yet perplexus beginning. The young feline, Melka, danced in his dreams of  mellowing meadows greeting him sustenance as he lay suspiciously wishing to seek an understanding in the crispness of day.

Slipping one to many glances towards the jungle his  figure was hoisted off the ground and held vulnerable for one too many moments. Unsure how the guardian noticed his intentions, he slipped off a mrowl of his purest intellect. And with that being said, no response was given.

Flustered Melka, wallowing in despair, soon imagining the life around him advancing to new things without him. Melka Consciously dousing himself into a mode of immovable thoughts he advanced himself to awaken later in the evening when the Guardian was fast asleep.

He sulked off quickly examining his setting and moving quieter than the silence…. Still  he wished to know what else was out there. He reached the point of what he felt no return took no glance back and dashed out into the jungle.

The many life forms encountered were all new to the mind wish a fresh perspective. He saw another one of his kind seizing a fish, swatting it to and fro as if he was testing its life expectancy. He went yonder only furthering himself from his true safety that he took for granted.

The End

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