A Pig Named Lady

The Adventures of Scout

Chapter 5

A Pig Named Lady

Scout loved Saturdays, because that was the day that all the excitement happened on the farm, and mostly because she didn’t have to go to school.  Today was extra great because the men, who were working cattle that day, had set her up on a big corner post of the corral as they loaded the cattle into big semi trailers to take to the sale.  Scout knew that she had to be quiet while the men were counting the cattle or she would be in big trouble.  The men only had to “get after her” one time and send her to the house for asking too many questions from her post.

 Scout loved the smell of cattle and would have sat on that corral fence post watching all day, if momma hadn’t come and lifted her down for lunch.  "But momma, the men said if it was ok with you I could ride along to the auction house to unload the cattle!” “Go ahead Scout, in fact maybe we will all go to the auction today.”  “Go shine up your boots, and put on a clean pair of jeans and a shirt, and for Pete’s sake Scout wash your face and hands, with soap!”  “You smell like one of the cows!” She said laughingly.”

 Scout ran as fast as she could to the barn where Timmy was playing with night crawlers in the mud out by the livestock tank.  “Timmy come on, we’re all gong to the sale with the cows, and momma said we might get a surprise!”   Timmy threw down the rest of the worms in the mud and wiped his hands on his t-shirt.

 Timmy and Scout raced each other to the house, up the porch steps and into the bathroom to wash up. Momma changed into her “goin’ to town clothes” and put her hair up in a bun on her head with a light blue ribbon.  “Kids” “Did you wash up?” she said.  “Yes maam’” came the answer from inside the bathroom.

  Scout came out of the bathroom first wearing her “good” jeans on and a clean t shirt.  Timmy came out of the bathroom with soaking wet hair sticking straight up. ”Momma, Timmy stuck his head in the sink” announced big sister. “Better there than the toilet” momma laughed. “Come on you two hoodlums.”

 Momma, Timmy, Scout and Laddie all piled into the front of mommas’ red pickup truck and headed for the cattle sale.  “ Momma” “what is the surprise?” asked Scout.  “Well at this sale they not only sell cattle, but they also sell pigs.” said momma. Timmy immediately perked up!   “Momma they play in the mud right momma?” asked Timmy.

“Can I play in the mud with them momma?” “We will see”, said momma with a smile. As they pulled into the parking lot of the sale barn, they could see lots and lots of trucks and trailers like theirs, and so many cows and pigs.   “Momma can we go look at them?” asked Timmy as he took off toward the corrals. “No sir, Mr. man, you stay right here with your momma!”  “Darn” Timmy said with a pout. “Excuse me, what did you say?”  “Nothing maam’” said Timmy, looking up from under his cap.  Momma smiled, she knew how excited the children were to see so many animals and all the excitement of being up close.  Soon the auction started and they took their seats in the auction barn.

First they saw cows and more cows sell. Then momma said, “Watch now kids, these are our cows coming through the ring now to be sold, hush now so I can hear how much they are selling for.” Neither Scout nor Timmy moved or made a peep.  The auctioneer spoke so fast, neither Scout nor Timmy could tell what he was saying in his fast singy, songy voice, but momma could and she seemed very pleased when he stopped and tipped his hat to momma.  Scout was so proud of momma; she thought to herself “momma is the prettiest momma here”.  Later after they had eaten cheeseburgers and shared a soda in the auction diner, Momma took them back into the auction barn.  “What’s next momma?” Scout asked.  “Well, they also sell pigs today as I told you.” “Today we just might buy a pig.”  “Would that be alright with ya’ll?” “ Oh yes!” they both shouted at the same time. Momma reached over and tickled Scout and said “and Scout, you don’t even have to trap it!”  Everyone laughed. Soon they heard squealing and grunting sounds coming from the other side of the auction ring door. Scout and Timmy never took their eyes off the door. All of a sudden the door burst open and in came a herd of pigs. The pigs were all shapes and sizes big, small, fat, skinny, white, black, striped and some even a combination of all of the above!   Momma started motioning with only one or two fingers to the auctioneer. Was this some kind of secret code Scout wondered?  The next thing Scout knew, the auctioneer had tipped his hat and said with a smile, “Ms. Cooper you have bought your self a pig!”  Momma smiled back politely and stood up taking her children each by one hand and made her way past the crowd of men in overalls, and “nodding” farm caps, making her way out of the auction barn. “Momma momma, did we buy a pig?” asked Timmy, as he pulled momma toward the corrals. “Yes kids, we bought a pig, not just a pig but a momma pig!”  Scout thought to herself what could be better than one pig, oh she knew, a pig that would have a bunch of baby pigs, all for her very own!  When they got home late that night with the pig, which by now had been named “Lady”, both children were fast asleep, leaning on each other, in the front seat of the pickup truck. One of the hired men followed them to the house to unload “Lady.” Momma led a sleepy Scout by the hand, to the house, and carried Timmy to bed.  “Where’s Lady?” a half asleep Timmy mumbled into his mommas shoulder as she kissed his cheek and lay him down, tucking him into his race car twin bed.  “She’s outside Timmy, in her new pen.” “But momma I didn’t get it muddy for her yet!” mumbled Timmy. “Go to sleep Timmy” momma said with a tired but content smile.  Momma went in to check on Scout and found a sleepy Scout outside in the barnyard under the big yard light with a bucket and a small shovel putting dirt into a large feed bucket of corn. “Scout what are you doing?” Momma asked. “Feeding Lady” “Momma everyone knows pigs love dirt,” “Ok Scout, I guess even ones named “Lady”.” “Now come to bed.”…  and Momma smiled.

The End

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