Rupert was sure, he had his evidence. He looked down at the manual he always kept in his pocket. He turned back to who the 'Accused' section of it.


It was Tyler, he was sure of it. The what was obvious, any half brained buffoon could work that out. He killed 114 people and attempted to kill 2 more. It happened at roughly 8:30, on the 4th September 2009 at L'Hotel Magnifue. He did it to frame his brother and get revenge for when his eye was burnt out in July 07. Luckily, he was a rich man so he got a new eye and cosmetic surgery to cover up the burns. How is another question. And one that Rupert would have to figure out and fast.

He switched off the computer. Then he turned it back on again. 'Wine', he thought. He looked up 'Sir Lance Alotus' Wine' and a webpage came up. Rupert found this bewildering. Lance had never heard of the internet! He scrolled through the pages until he came across a link to a page called 'New Ownership'.

Sir Lance Alotus' Wine Company Ltd has been involved in a merger with T.D. Breweries. The chairman who cannot be named said "I am happy to announce this merger in which T.D. Breweries takes control of Sir Lance Alotus' Wine Company Ltd. I will still be working closely with the chairman of the company for the first few months, and i am pleased to have the pleasure of working with someone who is very close to me. I hope for a rewarding takeover and a good future in the business.

Ruperts brain and heart were pounding. This is how he did it. He had the proof. Now he had a choice. Confront Tyler? Or phone the police.

The End

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