It was the year 2007 and it was June 25th. Lance, Rupert and Tyler were in a very respectable shop and were looking for a torch because they Lance was having balckouts at his house. Rupert and Tyler accompanied him because Lance didn't know what type of torch he wanted and needed advice.

So they went to the Science Discovery shop in the city centre. They were looking around and Tyler had pointed out some very worthy torched, but of course, Lance wanted a special torch, one that showed his personality. He picked up a long, thin, metallic torch like stick.

"Tyler, if you might cast your eyes over here, i do believe that i have discovered a torch of sufficient quality." called Lance. Tyler wandered over to Lance slowly.

"Fine, does it work?" queried Tyler. He was bored, they had been looking for torches for almost an hour and had only been in two shops.

"I have not put the utensil into use previously, i was merely waiting for your approval before i gave the tool it's debut usage".

"Well, just do it. We've been here for an hour and I'm bored stiff".

Lance reached for the torch and tried to flick the switch but it was stuck.

"Ah, the light bearing object seems to have a blockage in his switch mechanism." commented Lance.

Tyler leant into try and push the switch upwards while Lance was still trying and suddenly it moved. Flames leapt out of the top of the 'torch' and Tyler screamed as they came into contact with his eye as he tried to help.

"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! screamed Tyler. "My eye! Aaarrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!". He collapsed onto the floor, still screaming.

Rupert leapt into action.

"Ambulance!! Someone call an ambulance! His eye is on fire! HELP!" he yelled. Meanwhile Lance was in shock as the flames were still flickering out from the top of the 'torch' (lighter). It slipped out of his hand as he fainted onto the floor in a crumpled heap. The flames from the lighter had caught onto the packs of playing cards with robots on them and the fire was spreading. The fire alarm sounded and before everyone knew it, the whole shopping centre was being evacuated. People in the shop who were staring at this spectacle turned and ran out of the shopping and into the fleeing masses who were crowded in the mall on this Saturday afternoon.

While people were panicking, someone had managed to find a fire extinguisher and aimed it at the fire that had turned the desk into a blackened lump of burnt wood and had melted the plastic night vision goggles. The shop manager was trying to wake up Lance but to no avail. He was out for the count. Tyler was still writhing around on the floor and the man with the fire extinguisher had turned the fire extinguisher on him. Then the paramedics arrived and took him away on the stretcher after giving him pain medication first and oxygen. Rupert thought about following, but decided to stay with Lance. He was woke up with an abrupt start when the fire extinguisher was turned on his head from point blank range. Rupert thought that the man was enjoying using the extinguisher. Maybe he would buy him one for his troubles.

"Lance?" asked Rupert in a quiet voice. "Can you hear me?"

"Excuse me?" answered Lance faintly. He still used sophisticated language, even though he had fainted after burning his brother's eye out. "What has occurred here?"

Rupert didn't wuite know how to put it. "Umm well, you set fire to Tylers eye and most of the shop. The whole place has been evacuated and Tyler has gone to hospital. Oh and you owe that man the money for a fire extinguisher." Rupert glanced over to the man who was still standing there and now was rubbing his fingers together as if to say 'Where's my money mate?'

Lance looked astounded. "Come on mate, lets get home", said Rupert, helping Lance up and they slowly paid the man and started off home.

The End

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