Sleeping Brings Out The Best In Us

Once at home again, Rupert slept. And slept. And slept.

He woke up to the sound of burning and laughter from the wild life of the park across the street. 'Damn', he thought. 'There goes the last tree'. He went back to sleep.

He awoke again as the sun was rising and after a miserably depressing dream, he decided to do something positive with his life. He cleared out the fridge, got showered and dressed and went down to the Co-op. He bought milk, ham, cheese, bread, baked beans and other things like that. He also bought a large tub of Ben&Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice-Cream for when he felt depressed again.

It was 2 days since he had last seen Lance. He dispersed the thought of his former best friend and c oncentrated on reforming his life to a positive effect. Firstly, he was going to get a proper job. So after having beans on toast for breakfast, he went down to the library to find a computer that hadn't been permanently destroyed and search for new, exciting occupations.

He went on all the job websites he could find and was almost resigned to working at the library for the rest of his days when he came across a story on the BNB (British News Broadcast) website.

Girl Falls Down Broken Manhole

Last night it has emerged that  a girl from Blackburn, Lancashire, has fallen down a manhole. The manhole is thought to be about 15ft deep and the girl has sustained a serious concussion when she fell on her head.

Rachel Sampson, 14, was walking home from school with a group of what is thought to be 7 other girls and 2 boys who haven't been identified. Sources say that she was looking inside her bag for something when she stepped on the faulty man hole cover and fell though it.

"We are sorry for the girls injury and are taking precautions so that this terrible tradgedy will never happen again" said the spokesman for the Lancashire Council Manintenance Service.

Rachel's family have refused to comment but it is thought that one of the side effects of Rachel's head injury are likely to be temporary amnesia and concussion. She also has a fractured left wrist.
                                                                                                            Simon Davies, BNB.

Rupert re-read the article. Amnesia? He looked the term up on the internet.

'Amnesia - Permanent or temporary memory loss due to a traumatic event.'

His mind raced as his brain slowly processed this information. Lance, Stranger, Wine, Dead. 

Lance fell down the hole. The kids. They said he was acting oddly. Another thought struck him. Tyler. He must have seen Lance fall down the hole and probably spoke to him as well. A different, worrying thought struck him. His brain was beginning to hurt. What if Tyler had manipulated Lance and framed him for something he hadn't done? Would he really do that to his own brother. Then he remembered...the incident....

The End

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