Stranger? I 'Aint No Stranger!

Rupert reeled from the video he had just seen. He couldn't believe his ears, that was so impossible so weird and so odd. Lance had known him for years and then... Rupert almost broke down in tears. How could Lance say that. The video replayed again.

"You! You thought you could get away with it, didn't ya!" screamed Rupert.

"What would it be that i might have gotten away with stranger?" said Lance.

"You know what you did! The wine, the dead people! You planned it all you evil scum!" screamed Rupert again.

Stranger. He paused the video. Something wasn't right. He took the 7up bottle which had rolled onto the floor during this process and threw it against the wall. Then he walked out and trundled back to the miserable place he liked to call home...

The End

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