What A Coincidence!

"Tyler?!?!", exclaimed Rupert. "What the hell are you doing down a hole like this??". He was shocked. Of all the people to meet in a dank, soggy manhole, he would never have guessed that it would be Lance's respectable older brother. His mind was racing as he tried to figure out why he would be skulking around down here and could only find one solution.

"You're not a terrorist are you?"he added. "Cos if you are, then I'm gonna have to report you; health and safety and all that."

"No," laughed Tyler. "I am certainly not a terrorist." He swivelled to face the machine behind him.

"Or a mass murderer? There are a few of them going around you know!!!" joked Rupert. Tyler suddenly stopped laughing and turned to face Rupert.

"Huh?" he said, feeling uncomfortable.

"Oh of course. Being down here doesn't do a lot for hearing news. Your brother, Lance, has been done for killing 114 people. Shame really. He seemed like a nice enough bloke". Lance was oblivious to his discomfort.

"Oh. How unfortunate. So you asked what i was doing down here, didn't you?" Tyler moved the subject away from his brother and the murders.

"Umm, i guess."



"Oh, you actually wanted to know?" Tyler was stalling for time now.

"Yeah, it's just that i spoke to some guys up top and they said that our mate Lance was down here earlier...?"


"Did you see him then?" Rupert was irked. He had never known Tyler to be so...well...irksome before. That being said, he had only ever met him twice, both at highly respectable parties where Rupert had made a complete fool out of himself and there was no room for irksome-ness on Tylers part.

"Umm...Yes." Tyler was still buying for time.


"He was here. Just, you know...dropped in for a chat."

"Right. And he knew you were here?"

"Uh, not exactly."

"And what exactly are you doing here?" Rupert hated how Tyler side-stepped the question, it was as if he had something to hide.

"Well, I am part of a - a goverment scheme" he coughed slightly. "Yes, that's it, goverment scheme. Nothing else. Right. That's that then."

"Oh right, ok then, i'll leave you to it." Rupert turned to leave, slightly confused.

"Ok, bye Rupert. It's a left, then a right then straight until you get back to the manhole."

"Thanks, Tyler. Hang on, I never knew you worked for the government!"

"There are a lot of things you don't and never will know about me Rupert.  Isn't it the same for everyone. Take us for example, you don't know that I am a karate black belt and I don't know why you are wearing duck pyjamas. Lets call that even." As a matter of fact, he wasn't a black belt at karate, but there was another thing that Rupert needn't know about him.

"Touché" replied Rupert. "Hey I speak another language!! I didn't know I spoke German!" Tyler had a resigned look on his face.

"Just leave before I make you sign the official secrets act, ok Rupert." He was weary and didn't need this ignorant buffoon messing this up for him.

"Bye Tyler."

"Goodbye Rupert".

With that parting gesture, Rupert began the trek towards the place he liked to call home and others called the cemetary - his estate was the dead centre of Birmingham as he liked to say. Just thinking about this made him smile and forget all the things with Lance and now Tyler. He wanted some food. That made everything better.

The End

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